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Beach Day Photos!

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hey all,
i caught up with my brother today and we went down to the dog beach with jenna and his 2 staffys! (macy is the black female and diesel is his red boy) of course u can guess which one jenna is!!!  :)

they had so much fun! glad i took the camera!  

hope you all like the photos as much as i do!



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a swimming boxer!! I love it...My Buck was a champion swimmer, in the pool, or in the ocean...Great pictures Matt, thanks for sharing..It certainly looks like everyone had a good time..The staffies looked good too  :)
Wow, look at jenna swimmimg! I try my best to get mine to swim, so far they have both been like cinderblocks in the water! 8O  Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Looks like they had a blast!
cool piccys!! if only it was ever warm enough to do that here!!! and when it is the beaches are full !!!!!! anyway nice to see jenna having a ball in the sea!! rossi hates getting wet full stop!! bath times aint fun here!!! thanks for sharing!! michelle x x x
yeah shes great she loves the water!   she can swim but i wouldnt say she is a fantastic swimmer....   she kinda sinks sometimes!  lol

im my girlfriends parents pool she sinks to the bottom and then pushes back up off the bottom to the surface and then swims!  hehehe

and as u can see in this photo she is starting to sink!  but she made it back in with the stick!

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Daisy sometimes goes swimming in the sea in the summer with my boyfriend. Sometimes she swims ok, quite smoothly, but sometimes she gets into a bit of a panic and starts just slapping her front paws up and down on the surface of the water! It's a good job my boyfriend's always with her to stop her from sinking!
It's great to see Jenna having such a ball!
The only thing with Britain is that on all of the good beaches around the country, dogs are only allowed on them out of season when it's cold and quiet! In the spring and summer it's so hard finding a beach that dogs are actually allowed on! It's such a pain!

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