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Beautiful day to play in Oklahoma

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Well it is beautiful here today.  We have had such crappy weather lately and today it is 72 degrees in January.  So lifes been a little hectic lately and ive been sick so ..... my son who just turned 4 yesterday and my other boy Duke(Boxer) who is 11mo. old got to have a fun day outside and here a few pics for everyone to enjoy i just had to show off bc this really brightened my day.

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He is a beautiful boy.  It was really nice yesterday for us to, but it seemed like all they wanted to do was play in the mudd so time was limited.  I had to give him a rinse of twice yesterday.
Those are great!!! I loved the ones of Duke chasing your son in a John Deere tractor? Those are too cute :) It was lovely here today as well, a nice change from that freezing cold last week :)
Thanks and yes it s a john deere tractor its his favorite thing and duke runs around him like he is trying to herd him its hilarious to watch.
Great pics, the herding the tractor is tooo funny! We even got a break in our weather today 55 degrees, supposed to go to above 60 tomorrow! crazy January thaw.
Happy belated birthday to your son :lol:
Great pictures, looks like they both were having a great time.  We got a nice break in the weather here also, close to 60 yesterday and a good 3/4 of the snow is gone.  Nice to see bare ground for a bit.
Those are great pics! Your son just looks like he belongs on that tractor!  :D  Duke looks happy to be out and running around.  :D
Great pictures of your son and Duke!  My granddaughter is a John Deere tractor fan (don't know why - but she loves their hats and stuff).  So that's really a cute bunch of pics.
cute pics! they look so cute together.yesterday it just about hit 70 degrees here  in chicago.  8O no dry ground and sunshine tho, just mud and rain. looks like you guys did have a beautiful day.
I wish I had a yard like that for Tyson to run around in!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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