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Beckham's First Snow

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Between Saturday and yesterday (Tues) we now have 12+ inches of white fluff on the ground.  Tara finally got the batteries in the camera last night, so here are a few pics of our home and Beckham romping in the snow.

Finally some REAL Minnesota Snow

Our townhouse is the 4th from left or first from right :)

Time to Come inside
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Aww looks like he had so much fun! He seems to be enjoying eating it as well lol He's getting so big now, he looks stunning!! I love his harness, where did you find it?
Beautiful home and oh I love the snow!  We got about a foot last Saturday, but it has all but melted.  It's suppose to start up again this afternoon and I can only hope.  Looks like Beckham's getting his snow legs like a pro!
That second photo is really really great!  

It started snowing here about 10 minutes ago..

its been below freezing for the past few days...
That looks like so much fun!  :D  The pictures are great. Love the one of the townhouses with the snow falling. So pretty! B looks like he had a blast!  :D
Sadiesmomma\";p=\"56115 said:
I love his harness, where did you find it?
I bought his harness from our vet's office, the brand is Lupine and they have a lifetime guarantee, which is nice.
Notice they have a few boxers modeling their products!  LOL
Beckham is getting so big and really looking hansome.  Looks beautiful, I just love a fresh snow.  The picture of your palce is so pretty with the snow falling and the lights.

We got about 5" last night and expect another 1 to 3" on Thursday night, another mix of rain and snow on Sunday.  Hope they are wrong on Sunday's forecast.
i just love the pictures he is soo handsome!
That's right Barb, we're probably not too far away from each other, so you got the storm we had too!
Beckhams2ndmom\";p=\"56154 said:
That's right Barb, we're probably not too far away from each other, so you got the storm we had too!
make that 3 of us who got the storm. we got so much snow yesterday!
aw look at that handsome boy ;)  He and I had a blast running around outside, except he likes to whitewash himself and ingest snow, which makes him cough like crazy!
He is so handsome.  He looks like he is having so much fun.  We are supposed to get snow tomorrow so I think I'm going to stay home from work (so Duke and Tabs can play :) ).  Cough, Cough, I think i'm coming down with the flu ;)
Great pictures!  The one of your townhouse and the snow is so pretty!  And look at that handsome devil!  He's so cute and looks like he's loving the snow!!!
Oh I just LOVE the pics!! Boohoo we only got like a 1/2 in of snow:( I want MORE MORE MORE!! lmao Hubby thinks Im nuts but whats winter without snow? I love it and so does Roxy! Reeko hasnt decided yet;) This is his first winter
Fresh snow looks soo pretty. Becks sure looks like he was enjoying himself....Loved the pic of the townhouses, that looked a bit surreal, with the snowflakes dropping and the lighting...
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