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I have stayed calm when I come home and even while he's jumping and nipping at me I don't get upset or angry anymore because I've learned that it doesn't help. When my husband pinned him, it wasn't really like an alpha pin, it was more like a calm down and I'll let you go. He literally gently put him on his side and laid on him just to get him to stop jumping up on me. I don't believe in the alpha crap myself.

I've read the book Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out which talks about mat training which is similar to what you suggested with the "Place" command. I want to get started on the training for that but right now has been a crazy time.

Inside is not a calm place for the dogs. We have a GIANT fenced in backyard but we live in an area where it can get quite hot outside so we do allow play inside. It's already 80 degrees today at noon. With those kinds of temperatures I worry about him over heating because his nose is so short and it takes him so long to stop panting and be able to drink water without worrying about bloat.
OK, I'll strive to be a bit more focused this time. :)

And my first question would be ... who is the one primarily responsible for "training the dog??" Cuz they are the ones that set the dog's ..."default behaviour." And if the this degree of "Crazy," is Ok with the primary trainer?? Then nothing is going to change.

The person who does the training, walking and feeding is the one the dog will be most responsive to. INow if the person is effective enough ... they can "transfer what they have done to another" and the dog will obey both owner's?? But the primary trainer set's the rules.

And to be "Clear," nothing in dog training is cast in stone??? You are free to bend and shape the rules to fit your lifestyle. But if you do, you have to be aware of the limition's! WIth my Rocky (WL GSD) he was "trained" properly in "Place!" I had to be able to keep him in "Place," indoor's with me and company! Or a Crate or outdoor's he goes and that is not my style.

So "Place" was an "absolute!" And him, I could take on a one mile, go thru a tunnel to the store ... and tell him "Place!" And 40 minutes later when I came back and down to the tunnel freeway
cross over ... he would still be in the exact same spot!! :

Now with my Bella who was not trained with the same rigor uh at all! There is absolutely no way I would even think about trying that! I deviated from the norm to suit may need with her. Indoor's I wanted a clamp on the Crazy and I wound up using the Sofa as a "Place Cot??" Not really my idea some number of years ago, I told an owner about "Place," on Germanshepardforum. And she was working on it and havin great results! But she said indoor's she was using an Ottoman???

WTH ... I came kinda unglued??? But she said ..."hey it works!" LOL well many years later because of that thread heck ... I used the sofa! Indoor's at home and ... sure enough it works!

And so you know Bella is most certainly ... not my best trained dog! I just got her last year at a year old and made my share of mistakes early on .... But in the Real World, on an average day it goes like this. I come home from work, now no contact but she bum rushe's me at the door! I say Bella GO, she moves back a foot or so but you know still crazy and in my face! ! I say Bella, Go again .and .. another step back but still crazy! And at that point ... I have said GO twice?? And I am done with the crap! And then I slightly rise my voice and say Bella "Place," and point to the sofa and that is the end of the madness! And she goes and stays there "Quietly," until I am ready to greet her.

Now why I don't just say "Place and point," as soon as I come in the door?? I have no idea??? I suppose I am just curious as to whether she has more sense "today??" Sigh thus far ... she never does. :)

And I do hear you with concerns about the heat! And I don't how "Hog Butt Wild," they are indoors??? But if they are running, "Hog Butt Wild??" From one end of the house to other ?? You can't have that. There is just simply "No way," indoors, they will burn off all that energy indoor's??

Chilling out, is a trained skill! A properly trained, "Place Command," is two hour's with distractions! Now my Rocky could do that with no issue! But my uh real world dog Bella LOL ... yeah good luck with that! But hey I don't "need" that level of "discipline " with her???

Indoor's, she is not on a "long down??" She is free to move about indoor's as she sees fit. I quickly broke ... all of my "Rule's," with her. She sleeps with me or Marilyn, she gets on the furniture at will and she free roam the house! But by and large she stays in the living room with us, when we are there, ie we know where she is.

I don't throw the freaking ball indoor's with her ... and Marilyn sigh freaking will! Much to my irritation, on occasion. I bite my tongue and wait. And sure enough Bella get's more and more ramped up and then the nipping start's! And I just wait until Marilyn yep's ouch! And at that point I say Bella Place! And off to the sofa she goes and that is an end to that crap!

But indoors yeah she does move around alot. But we have lots of toys for her. Most of which are ripped to shreds. And we have tons of assorted chew toys to stuff treat's into and she is free to go outside whenever she wants, as we are both now retired but I still work part time.

Now she is still kinda Bat Crap Crazy and I have not worked with her as much as I should??? But with weekly outings, in a sigh "Distraction Free Environment! for recall." She is pretty easy to live with! I had to have that ... anything more is just extra! She is a "Real World," regular dog. Not a handpicked "Prima Donna Puppy" as I was want to say and uh used to have.

And finally I also wanted to point .out ... that this "Crap Behaviour," is related to "you" and the current situation! If you sent him to a Board and train or gave the leash to a "Competent Qualified Trainer," the "dog would not do this crap!" And if he did ... they would "address," it right there on the spot! And that would be an end to that "Crap Behaviour!"

So to be honest and so you know ... I have not given you advise on "addressing this issue directly??" It can be done, I'm pretty sure but "addressing issues directly??" Is not really my style ...
apparently??? But changes ... do need to be made in the home and how the dog lives with you day in and day out. And if you did hired a competent qualified Pro to help you out?? They would tell you the same thing. :)

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Humanizing a dog is a major mistake. Ignorance of physiology, ignorance of the basic principles of education and training. Permissiveness regarding the actions of dogs.

This leads to problems. The dog can do whatever she wants. You can go wherever you want the dog. The dog can yap at anyone you want. You can not execute commands.
We all love our dogs, but love and permissiveness are two different things.
Many owners feed their pet before a walk. However, this is wrong and even harms your pet. The dog is a predator. From the point of view of physiology, the predator must first get a load, catch its prey and only then eat it. After eating, predators rest, and the dog should also rest after walking and feeding.

If you feed the dog before the walk, then when it will actively move, play, run, the likelihood of an inversion of the intestines or an inversion of the stomach increases.
If you feed, then buy only high-quality food. I buy Best Price AvoDerm Dog Food
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