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best brand of clothing for boxers?

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So I've been looking and looking for a jacket or coat for Baz but everything is too small or too big from one size to the next.  What brand of clothing have you found to fit there deep chest and thick neck?
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yep, I'm having the same problems....Gaby has out grown her winter jacket, and i can't seem to find one that fits her well either...I think i'm just gonna have to use one of my sweat shirts or something until the end of winter.....maybe someone will recommend something
I have quite a few dog jackets made by Weatherbeeta which is a line of horse products.  They make not only fleece jackets but rain and winter coats as well which do fit the boxer's deep chest quite well.  Many tack shops carry this popular line and it's also on ebay.  Some tack shop's also make custom coats which fit my boxer great.  Templeton joins me on many outing out to the barn so I like to make sure he stays warm and dry.
I have the same problem in finding coats to fit right...cause they are never broad enough in the chest. I have yet to find something "great" so for now I have just been buying Phoenix sweaters which have some give to them so they aren't so tight across the chest. I usually have to buy them bigger though (L or and XL) to give that chest room but then they are big length wise...someone should really start making dog stuff tailored to big broad dogs
I took a couple old sweatshirts and cannibalized them, I cut the sleeves off and tied up the excess, but we really don't have the need for any extra garments here...I do remember when I shopped for Halloween costumes, I bought an XL for Samson, omg it didn't even fit Angel!!! The broad chests make it hard to fit well, unless you are a seamstress and can make your own... :) There are a few people on here that have found some great coats for Boxers, hopefully they will chime in
I make most of Dukes Jackets, shirts, and collars.  I have found that the clothes at oldnavy fit well.  BUt he has just turned one so he is still filling out.  But if you have a friend that sews I would suggest asking them bc I make them for my friends.
Another great coat brand is Glover and is Canadian made.  The Glover Dog coats fit boxers extremely well and even cover the under chest for more coverage and warmth.  Again you can find this brand at any Tack Shop.
I got Chloe and Brodi's winter coat from Old Navy and it fits both of them perfectly.  Chloe is a little over 3 yrs old so her growing phase is over and I got an XL for her. The prices for them were great also..Chloe's coat was marked 25 dollars and I got it for 8 and Brodi's only cost me 3 bucks  :)
Hey thanks everyone! I'll for sure go to oldnavy to get him some shirts and I will get him on of those Weatherbeeta jackets!  I didn't figure I was the only one with the problem!
I've actually thought about starting a Boxer clothing line because i could never find anything to fit and knew other boxer owners have to have the same problem!  All three of my babies are very different in size, with Ginger being the oldest at 55 lbs, Roxy the "middle child" at 70 lbs, and now Maxxx who's 14 months and 75 lbs (I'm sure he's still growing) i have a variety of templates that i could use, not to mention a few other boxers that we are friends with.  Maybe it wasn't such a hair-brained idea after all!  Gonna have to think about this some more, i sure would love to get out of the office job!
In the meantime, thanks for all of the suggestions on where to buy clothes.  Does Old Navy sell dog clothes or are y'all buying childrens or juniors clothes?
I think with boxers being so popular and people loving to buy things for their dogs. I also wonder about the old navy clothes?
Old Navy actually has a dog line you can go on their website to view it.
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