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Big Boxer Boy in CA needs home

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I know that there are some others in the Southern CA area. This boy is listed on craigslist ( HE IS AT A FOSTER HOME BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT). He is in Thousand Oaks in Ventura County if anyone can take him in he looks very loving. I am at my 2 dog max on Base housing or I would take him myself. Just thought I would take a chance!
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Hope he finds a forever home.
Awwww... too bad he doesn't get along with other dogs.
awww Gar call and ask why he has to be the only dog..sometimes people dont know jsut b/c  they may bark at passer by @ my phrase that makes no sense..

i hope he finds a home hes so pretty !! kinda looks like Ekim...
[quote="Ky_IsisnOnyxsMama\";p=\"71655":3rl6xyfm]awww Gar call and ask why he has to be the only dog..sometimes people dont know jsut b/c
maybe it's just my mood today, but did that ad seem odd from a foster to anyone but me?  There is no mention of the rescue organization and she has had the dog for months and now cites health and allergy issues for trying to find him a new home.  Of course she could have just been trying out the whole fostering thing when she discovered the health issues, and had him so long due to getting his infections cleared up...and being new wasn't sure how to write up the ad.  Just struck me as odd
Hope the pretty boy finds a forever home. :bshelp:
Uhm actually in this area there are a number of people that are sort of self proclaimed foster familys in the fact that they will go and rescue dogs that are redlisted at shelters just to give them some more time. I do not know that this is the case or not but I have seen that happen alot around here.
What a handsome boy he is...Wish I knew someone in So Cal that could take him..I agree as well about the thing about being an only dog, I was told that about Samson as well...Yes he does have issues with multiple dogs, but one on one he is great, so it could just be that he hasn't been assessed thoroughly...Sure hope someone adopts that cutie
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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