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Some European asshole said something of that nature about my Boxer, Duke, one evening. We were walking in downtown New Orleans.

After her insensitive, assuming comment, I looked at that woman who, of course, was overweight herself and I said, “let me get my mirror out of my pocket for you so you can take a look at yourself before you go judging & insulting my baby” - Turned on my heels, gave my best single-finger salute and walked away - never thought about it again, until I read this, that is. Opinions & assholes - so unnecessary!!!!
LOL well that is why I was very circumspect in offering advise to the OP. If you wanna "tick someone off," tell them there dog is fat! And I'll add ... that I have never seen a slim Pug! Just saying. :)

I have the "Opposite Issue??" Kinda ... I did not get my next "White Boxer Female." Sigh I got a girl Pit/Boxer mix ... not a problem with that but I'd have preferred a Male. Bella is pretty much the same in "stature" as was my "Struddell" (Avatar.)

Sigh I never noticed at the time as I had also a male Band Dawg Gunther 85 lbs and my Rocky Over Sized Working Line GSD at 113 lbs. So Stru was one of three at the time. And Bella well she is pretty much the same size as was my Struddell, who actually weighted more than she looked at 65 lbs of solid muscle??

Bella look's pretty much the same but I think she is 55 lbs at the moment?? But compared to my males ... she look's so little-ful???

Sigh just something I notice "now??" I already messed up adding a second female so I suppose a "White Boxer Male??" Will be my second dog??

At any rate you don't wanna be out there calling people's dog's "fat!" Just saying. :)
61 - 62 of 62 Posts