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Biting 4 month old

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Hi I'm new and have a beautiful Brindle boxer, Gracie.  We have had boxers before so the breed isn't new to us.  I have read all the post on biting, but Gracie is extremely stubborn and nothing is working very well.  She's even in puppy kindergarten and trains well (sits, stays, and touch), has every toy you can imagine, gets regular walks, but the moment you aren't training or walking she's biting.  I have tried bitter apple and now she barks at it and comes back for another nibble.  I have put her in time out (not her crate) or I have left the room.  I have never had a boxer sooooo stubborn. Is there anything other advise out there?  
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Patience :)
really though redirecting her- stuff a toy in her mouth over and over and over again... or like you are doing, leave the room and close the door for a few seconds and repeat as necessary.  Try tethering her to the coffee table or a door knob where she can't reach you too.
Good luck :) She will grow out of it eventually.
I had the same problem with Rocky when he was little. He was our 1st boxer, so I just figured that was the way he was. He eventaully grew out it, but it a long time. Just be persistant with what you are doing.
REDIRECT REDIRCT REDIRECT.   As soon as they go to bite, grab something they can chew on.  Say "NO BITE" loud and then give them a toy or whatever.  Its gonna take sometime, but it works.  I have done with with two dogs, and both would never bite.   Plus they are still learning their bite threshold, so gotta be patient.   Also another technique is to let a loud yelp out when they bite.  They are pups and still think playing at any level is fun - just like their littermates, if you yelp, like a littermate then will most likely tend to back off.    

Good Luck, it will come, just takes time and persistance!!!
I have the same issue with Newt, It was worse when she was younger, she not only bit but she barked at us as well, we went through books and trying to teach her new things. Newt is spoiled and I dont think I should of let her bite when she was younge but she had a broken leg at 4 months old so, this was our game, as months went by and she healed she still wanted to play the game, I now Stand up and turn around when she does it and I say "No".. this doesnt always work but keep doing it, teach your puppy to do what you want it to do! Newt sometimes every now and then wants to play the biting game...I stand up and ignore her until she knows this is not getting my attention, I hope this helped you :)
[quote="HannaBanana\";p=\"77519":1t8k0pq4]REDIRECT REDIRCT REDIRECT.
Welcome! I agree with what Heather said, redirect..Yes you have to be consistent and it does get frustrating as well...Boxers are hard headed anyways and too smart for their own good, sometimes you have to out think them....Keep at it and one day that magical light bulb will go off
Redirect is GREAT advice! There are also other things to use BESIDES bitter apple... I know the trainer at Petsmart said there are three differen't kinds and tested all three on one of the dogs and only one affected the dog.

Odin would 'naw' on us a lot till he hit about 5 or 6 months I want to say... maybe sooner. We basically REDIRECTED him every time and told him "NO BITE" with a stern, deep voice.

Good luck!
check out the topic "biting, biting, biting" that was posted fairly recently.  Some additional ideas are in there.

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