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Black boxer survey

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I am not wanting to make another "black" is not a boxer discussion. With all the pedigrees,gene pools, and akc rules aside,
How many of you would like to have a solid black boxer if there was such a thing?
Everytime I see a pic of a boxer that is black with no brindle showing at all, I always think they are awsome looking and would like to have one as a couch potato:)
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I would absolutely own a black boxer, i think they are beautiful! all the way around just amazing looking! if we were to get another boxer i would probably look for a black boxer regardless of "being against the rules" i LOVE them... but we are getting a mastiff next soo i can just admir from afar :)
yea, when you get your dog fixed, bloodlines and akc rules go down the drain.
How many of you would like to have a solid black boxer if there was such a thing?
Alternatively, how many would like a purple Boxer with green polka dots if there was such a thing? :)  Myself, I love the deep red fawns, but I think a navy blue Boxer with silver markings would be quite striking!

OK, on a more serious note, I wouldn't want a solid black Boxer because it wouldn't be pure Boxer; if I were one who rescued I wouldn't mind a solid black Boxer mix, but as one who shows and breeds I always want to preserve the purity of the breed.
Black is a pretty cool color, so yeah why not.  Although "black" boxers always look more like pitbulls to me for some reason
You cannot have a black boxer. It's a genetic impossibility. If it's all black it's a mutt. Not to say it would not be cute.
People, it's a hypothetical question.  Play along   :dance:
This is the real world, not an imaginary one. :lol:
In the beginning I was looking for a dark reverse brindle, if I came across a black one, I would have definitley chosen a black one.  Although, as soon as we saw Bruce, there was no other choices.
If the internet is the real world, we're all %[email protected]#$#'d!!!
In regards to genetics and black boxers or lack there of..........I agree on the internet and the real world. Bu I think you get my point.  :wink:
I wouldn't really want a black me when I think of boxer..I think fawn..not to say the other colors aren't best...but that is what I think of as a boxer and I will most likely ever own a fawn (unless they are given to me like Bo was...which I lucked into a free fawn with my ideal markings, lol)
Ohhh I would love to have one. That would be awsome....
I would love one too!!
If they existed, I wouldn't hesitate to own one!  :D
So you purist are telling me that back 200 years ago, they had 100% pure blooded boxers or did they breed other breeds together to come up with the boxer standard? If so, there is no breed that is 100% pure, they just started breeding dogs with like traits after the standard was made.
My question was would you want one, not if they have a 7 gen pedigree you could trace back to BFE. I think it would be nice for someone to throw the black gene in there while maintaining the boxers looks and personality, It might knock off some health problems that boxers have and produce a better quality dog.
Thats just my $0.02, but I know some people take the paperwork a little too far.
So  you  purist  are  telling  me  that  back  200  years  ago,  they  had  100%  pure  blooded  boxers  or  did  they  breed  other  breeds  together  to  come  up  with  the  boxer  standard?  
No and no. :)  First of all, the Boxer as a breed isn't 200 years old; however from about 170-120 years ago the Brabanter Bullenbeiser was selectively bred (and sometimes crossed with English Bulldog) to maintain and improve on the functional abilities desired at the time (in this case, an all-around dog - guard, escort, family dog, butcher's dog, hunting dog, etc.).  In the late 19th century a group of fanciers got together and wrote a description of the ideal dog of this type, and formed a Club of like-minded people who valued the traits of the dog and wanted to protect it from negative change.  They didn't just throw two breeds together as the 'doodle/mix' breeders do now; they took two established breeds of similar type and function, and made discriminate crosses to improve and enhance existing traits.

If  so,  there  is  no  breed  that  is  100%  pure,  they  just  started  breeding  dogs  with  like  traits  after  the  standard  was  made.  
No, in most cases breed standards (and the concept of "breeds") were created after the dogs had been purposely developed for their given function and were breeding true (consistent type) for generations.

I  think  it  would  be  nice  for  someone  to  throw  the  black  gene  in  there  while  maintaining  the  boxers  looks  and  personality,  
Run down to the shelter, or check - there are any number of Boxer mixes available, many crossed with black dogs, and Boxer mixes often are mostly Boxer-ish in look and personality.  (As much so as you'd get from most "black Boxer" breeders, at any rate.)

It  might  knock  off  some  health  problems  that  boxers  have  and  produce  a  better  quality  dog.  
How so?  The most likely breeds to cross with a Boxer for a black coat color without losing much type have many of the same genetic health issues that Boxers have - and a few, like PRA, that they don't.  So you're doubling up on existing problems in the breed, and adding new ones as well.

Thats  just  my  $0.02,  but  I  know  some  people  take  the  paperwork  a  little  too  far.
It's not remotely about the paperwork.  It's about preserving the integrity in conformation, temperament, and health of the breed we love; it's about ensuring that people who want a Boxer because of their unique traits get the dog they want, with the best chances of a long and healthy life.  I realize you're simply asking a hypothetical, but "black Boxers" are the latest money-making scam, with unknowing buyers paying $1500-2500 for these "rare-colored" mixed breeds who come from unknown backgrounds with a high risk of genetic health or temperament problems.  It's difficult to speculate on "what if" the color existed, because of the ever-increasing number of unscrupulous breeders who are capitalizing on just such speculation.  (The purple with green polka dots speculation is much more effective in that regard, since I can't think of any way one could actually breed such an animal!)  If these dogs were sold as "black Boxer mixes" there would be far less cause for concern - but of course, the breeders couldn't get the exorbitant prices they're getting, either.
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AMEN jenn
yes, well said.
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