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Black patches on skin

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Our boxer has a really bad case of demodex...he is on medication and the bumps and sores seem to be getting better as time goes on. My question is...he has got these black spots on his skin where the bumps were real bad. I have read up so much about demodex that i cant remember anything...i think I may have read somewhere that this is normal...anybody have any related skin problems like this?
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I don't know anything about it.
Just wanted to bump this up so somebody else can help.
It is true that with demo that the skin will/can discolor and appear black or deep blue almost like a really bad bruise at times.....I have seen the skin remain this color but once the hair returns you wont see it!  Just keep going with treating the demo.  I have not seen the black area remain and the hair not return in large areas....there may be a few small ones and all depends on how bad the skin/scarring is, even in a really bad case like Biscuit she got better....

Check out these pics of Buscuit.... this is the worst demo case on a boxer I have seen........


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wanted to add that sometimes the dark spots on the skin can be indication of a thyroid issue also.....
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