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Blaze was a very naughty puppy

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So Christmas Eve we left to go to my in-laws for lunch, Blaze was tucked into his crate. My mom was supposed to be here all day, not a dog person, but she will let him out to relieve himself if she is the only one here. Anyway we go to the candlelight service at church, figure I'll swing by and let the dog out before going back to open presents with the in-laws. As I pull up to the house notice mom's car is gone, open door from garage, Blaze greets me at the back door?!?!
I walked into the living room and it looked like a tornado had hit. Gift wrap and presents all over the place. The worst part was the couch, which he isn't allowed on, it had paint all over the seat cushions and seat back, slobber on the window, paint all over the carpet. There was hand lotion, tissue paper and stuffed animals everywhere. To top it off he peed in the floor right in front of me when I was surveying the damage.
So now instead of going to Christmas dinner with my cousins I'm staying home with my wife and kids cuz Blaze has an upset stomach from his little adventure yesterday.
It seems like he somehow managed to shimmy the door of the crate open and make his escape. Turns out he has done it before but nobody bothered to let me in on that little secret.
Sorry for the long post, but, I figured you all might get a little enjoyment from it. Sorry I don't have any pics of it, my camera was out at the in-laws and I just wanted to get it cleaned up.
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wow... maggie caused the same destruction when she was a pup... she even got on top of the fridge..

if you still have a problem with him getting the crate open, try one of those bike rack holders, the stretchy ones with the hooks on the ends... and make the crate harder for him to possibly escape!
wow that was a surprise huh? jeez~~ he must have been shocked to see you also lol..our american bully did that yrs what a mess that was !!

hope you have a merry xmas anyway....

i think Angela is talking about bungy cords? which is wht we works he was a 100 pound american bull dog..and he couldnt use his houdini tactics through those haha
Wow... I'm SO SORRY! I would have flipped out!!

... WOW...
Mastray\";p=\"61573 said:
Wow... I'm SO SORRY! I would have flipped out!!

... WOW...
I did. Actually it was more disbelief that it had happened. He still has red paws and red on his muzzle from the paint and markers that he chewed up.

BTW the crate now has another latch on it to keep the original latch from being opened without opposable thumbs, lol.
Oh my, Blaze what were you thinking? Santa probably brought you some coal I bet....I probably would have flipped as well if I came home to that....Yup an extra lock or a bungee cord will keep Blaze from going on another spree
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