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Bleeding Scratchs on Nose from Snow and Ice?!

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I noticed last night that the top of Lola's nose was bleeding, so I cleaned it off, put some neosporin on it and noticed that the top is just about scraped off!  Couldn't figure out what happened, until my bf just called and said when Lola came in from being outside her nose was bleeding again, so we're assuming she's digging her head into the snow & ice.  Anyone else ever have this problem?  Not sure what to do.  What to put on it.  

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Kiah plows through the snow with her nose and does a lot of sniffing in the snow too.  Haven't seen any cuts or scrapes though,
I am not help on the snow.....but....maybe there is something in the snow that she is getting scratched by or maybe there is salt in there for melting and it has aggrivated it...hmmmm....I dont know....I have never even been anywhere it snows while it was snowing :)  But....Neosporin will heal the nose.  Fiona scratched her's so bad the black was gone in a big spot and it took a little while but it healed fine and the black is back!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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