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Blitzen settling in.

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Well, the 1st 24 hours is over and I think we're doing pretty good :D About 50/50 on the potty outside, sleeps crated all night with one quick trip out to potty, and plays with brother, Donner ALL day!! Soooo good to see him just being a dog and playing around with her ( and the drool has stopped, yeah!) Was asked for a close-up of Blitzens face and I'm trying but with them in perpetual motion it's not easy!!
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She is a cutie Lori and it sounds like things are going well too...That is fabulous...Donner seems to be adapting quite well too. That pic of the both of them on top of the couch is great
Glad donner is taking well to her.  She looks like she fits right in and was there all along....It is funny sometimes how fast they adapt!
That is great that she is doing so well and that her and Donner are hitting it off! Love the pics, she is a little cutie. She must be in puppy heaven getting to play with Donner all day long! They must sleep well at night!  :wink:
So glad to hear that Donner is doing good with Blitzen.  They are both beautiful dogs. Soooo sweet! I hear ya about the perpetual motion! It seems like they NEVER stop!!!
Awww! She is soooo cute! I'm so glad that she is getting along well with Donner.

What a sweetheart, Glad they are getting along so well.
yes, Blitzen is so adorable! thats awesome that they are getting along so well :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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