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Blowing bubbles

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Ok, I know that Samson isn't the only one that does this...He lives for food and gets very excited over it to the point that besides the drool, you will often see bubbles  :) Who else has a bubble baby?

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Gross but too cute - Kash does it more because he has more flew than Hanna.
Keanu boy blows bubbles. He gets some good ones going. In Obediance class, practicing sit stays, he had puddles and bubbles all over.........MMMMMM chix hearts!
Yea, it is kinda gross, I agree..Angel, thank goodness does not drool at all....First Boxer I have had that hasn't drooled actually
Oh the boys at class literally slime each other!!
neither Savannah or Reese are droolers...Thank God!!! :)
and on the sly. Half the time I miss it and look at K and hey bud where did that drool smudge come from?
Hahaha!! Yep, Buster was my bubble boy, drooler, and foamer!  :lol:  Maddie doesn't drool at all.  I kinda miss the bubbles!
Samson looks distinguished even with bubbles!  :D
Samson looks distinguished even with bubbles!
He's such a chick magnet!!!
Samson is blushing, but says "thank you very much"
Delilah is a bubbler over food, but doesn't drool at other times.
Felix doesn't really drool, but he dribbles water for about 5 minutes after getting a drink!
Luckily, Cooper only blows bubbles.  He rarely drools.  Sometimes the bubbles will fly off his mouth if he speaks.
Jade did all the time.. not sure about rodimus yet-- he's still pretty young--but he probably will..


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Kiah does not that she is older, saw bubbles just last night.  Have to watch out when she shakes at the dog park, it flies all over the place.
Duke definitely has the drool bubble thing down, but only out of his left side, and only when he wants food he smells.  Lukily, he doesn't drool otherwise.  Sometimes, we even get the pleasure of a drool pyramid!  The ultimate treat is when he then shakes - watch out!  :lol:
Apollo is the drooling boy...he has the bubbles when he watches us eat...if he doesn't have bubbles then he's drooling like crazy!
Ekim gets some big bubbles going whenever there is food around. A few times the floor was so wet I blamed Delila of making peepee on the floor.
Awwwww! Samson even looks so gorgeous when he's blowing slobber bubbles!
Daisy has only ever blown bubbles a few times but she tends to get a frothy mouth when we go on a really big walk!

Ha Ha...Samson is so darn cute. No bubbles yet from Miss Sadie...YET
Haha good photos! Lexie doesn't bubble up, but Gretchen used to bubble up over everything! She made the floors quite slick with her drool! :lol:

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