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Just thought I would tell people that my mother works at a boarding kennel. It is one of the nicest ones I have seen and I'm not just saying that because my mother works there. This kennel has a house on the property which is for the cats and the dog suites. These dog suites have a couch or bed and a TV. The regular kennels have heated/air conditioned floors so your babies don't get cold. You can also bring your pet's favorite blanket, toy, or food.

These dogs get let out four-six times a day and their are three different yards. Like I said if your dog is used to a certain food you may bring it. If you pet needs medication we can take care of that as well! I don't know if anyone here is from West Virginia, but if you are and if you are interested in leaving your pet's with the kennel let me know and I will get ahold of the manager. There will be a website up soon. There will be website up soon.

Stay Tuned,
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