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bored w/ food...heather

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So Dungy will eat any type of food but he gets bored easily and it seems that ALOT of people on here sometimes have issues w/ their dog getting bored too... silly boxers.

So i was wondering this question especially goes to heather cuz u have done it... how do u suggest doing the switching of different foods.  Like do u do one for awhile or one type in the morning and one at night??  Nothing has made dungy sick and i have like 3 types that he likes to eat... chicken soup, Flint River Ranch, and Blue buffalo... how should i break these up for his diet so he doesnt get bored.

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ok so he is on BB right now, so i should stay on that for awhile and then switch??
he has been on it for almost a month... his poops are nice and solid.  He has had runny poop i think only once since i have had him.  His poop has always been nice and solid no matter what he has ate.  Even when he has gotten into stuff he shouldnt eat it is solid
That is awesome... answers all my questions!!!

Thanks so much heather
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