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Hi 馃憢

Our boy is 16 months old and we have noticed in the last 6 months or so he has been incredibly nervous around new people, especially if they come to the house. We made sure that from a pup he was well socialised, he came to the pub, garden centre and round to
family gatherings, he never had a problem and would happily trot up to people to say hello. I also have a horse on a busy yard which he has free range on. Completely different story now, lots of barking and growling, tail between his legs and just starts shaking and climbing on top of us. I hate to see him like this and wondered if anyone had a similar issue? I keep being told it may be because of the lockdowns and not being able to go out as much. It would just be lovely to have that happy dog back when there are strangers around.

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Hmm, a bit of an aside here. But is he a "British Boxer," or an "American Boxer??" Cause he look's just like my girl (well, cept the wrong color.) :)

I only ask because, I just saw another site on "Police Dog's," and while expected (cause of dog's from Britain) I had seen in the past to be "Euro," looking?? Shorter Broader Head and less Lean of body and a lot broader??

Not pertinent, to any "advise," I have to offer (well exactly) but I am curious?? And welcome aboard ... sorry your having issue's. And no guarantee's on getting him "back to where, he was??" But yes ... "we," can most certainly do much better this! As long as you are willing to "work within, his new found constraint's?? :)

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Nice looking boxer! Sounds like he is now anxious. Thats how my st. poodle acts and more so since pandemic. I am and probably always will need too (my particular dog) distance train him. I've been going outside now when I see people around and just take him thru his paces, like a loose heel, sit, or down or sometimes I jut sit with him and watch the world go round. lol. with treats and before he reacts I use the LAT (look at me) and treat. As he begins to relax I then get up and walk around with him and if he looks at me, treat. He has been better since doing this.

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Very pretty boy, I think what has happened here is largely due to the pandemic and lockdowns but I think you can fix this. He is probably getting out of the happy puppy stage to going into adulthood. Their attitudes can change right now towards other people at this time too. Its important that you still take him out amongst people on a leash don't give him the opportunity to just run away from what he doesn't like speak softly to him and reassure him when he sees something he is not sure of but don't coddle him for his fright its like rewarding a negative behavior. Could someone have frightened him at some point? He could be just a high strung dog and maybe one that will just require space from strangers not all dogs are cut out to be friendly and I have had a least two of my Boxers who were not especially fond of strangers this can be worked with and I just asked people to keep their distance from my dog I think if people try to force themselves on this dog it would further alienate him from ever wanting to socialize. You can work with people coming into your home as well find someone who will be quiet in your house let the dog approach them with them not reaching out to him and pretty much ignore him till he calms down. You can make this work I would urge you to maybe look into some trainers to assist you.

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He is a British boxer, definitely really lean, not the chunky broader type at all 馃槉 View attachment 136339 View attachment 136339
Ok, well sorry to go so far off topic. Had you just posted the picture and said my Boxer. I would have "assumed," it was an imported American Line Boxer??

I thought, "British Boxer," ... was just a regional euphemism for "Euro Boxer??" Aww well Euro vs American, is an oft discussed topic here. The Euro's uh the big one's. :)

Surprised a lot of us I tend to think back in the day, but today lot's of us know they are out there, even though we don't have one or many have not seen one ... until you do! :)

Well here are a couple of thread's for ... down the line.

But enough "off topic," sorry bout that, but your dog did take me by surprise??

But back on point ... your dog sound's like pretty much the type of situation I expected to see start to crop up?? A bit of a surprise admittedly because he was OK, with people and stuff and now he is not??

A dog "need's" Rule's, Structure and Limitation's, if those are lacking it can show up in "Unexpected Way's??" And so you know ... I am "not," a "Dog Trainer." I thought, I was because I "learned," how to "Train Dog's," with my hand picked prima donna puppies! Band Dawg's, Boxer/Pitt's and Boxer's. And other then learning that "most," of the Girl's can be much more of a "Time Consuming, PIA," to train than "Male Dog's," ... other than that in "pet dog world, not much to learn, for me there.

And then came "Rocky!" My first "Foster Fail," my first, apparently Real Deal, "I will hurt someone, and or send you to the ER, if you mess up! Well, on the first part, I'm one out of two ... for human's!

He did, not in ten year's (sigh) ever hurt anyone, outside of my household, "meaning uh me,!" Sigh, yeah he sent me to the ER for stiches!! I had lot's to learn ... apparently?? And while I did not know what I needed to do? I would figure it out?? My dog my problem! And my Philosophy ... is not to make my dog's "problem's," someone else's problem!

I'll figure it out on my own! And I did, so what I 'did," I can outline is "what I did an do." And some trainers that can actually help you do and some trainer's ... don't! But as a member of JQP, I would ask "You," how do you know what trainer can help you??

Yeah ... I did not know either (in the beginning.) So ... I'll figure it out, myself! Now your in the UK. And as far as I know "Trainer's can't use "Prong or E-Collar's??" But you know ... "whatever," for my "Human Aggressive Wl GSD, ... I did not use either of those tool's either!

And trust me ... had I not had him ... his A$$ would have been PTS, he was that Bad!! And in the "Real World," owner's "waste thousand's of dollar's! Pouring money down "Rat Holes," trying to find "Trainer's," that say they can help them!

I will figure it out on my own! And while I did yeah ... I did get hurt but "whatever," I did it and "Rocky," turned out to be a "Great Dog!!

He was a bit of work and it seemed our issue was ultimacy around "he d[d not trust people, or me??" We worked on it together and my "Proof, of concept" that what I did "worked," with people came in the form of a "Boxer!"

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Oh well since it's kind of slow, I'll pontificate on a bit more of what I do with "Dog's with uh People," issue's! I would grief on Germanshepardfroum, often for saying ... "If I can do it, anyone can." And yeah it would go downhill from there.

With this dog to get him back to where he "was??" I don't know if I can help with that?? I can help get better him, and if his owner want's to get him back to where he was?? Well then yeah find a competent qualified "Behaviorist," that has "Eye's on the Dog," and work with them. And I say "Good luck," with that!

Dog's with flat out, straight out "Human Aggression," well you don't need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure that one out! It's a "no brainer!" Dog's that are Skittish, Nervous, Fearful are "Unpredictable??"

You don't know what they are going to do, when faced with people?? Maybe it will work out, maybe it won't, who knows?? And for the record a dog can take a treat, from a stranger and still bite the crap out of them! And no less than Michael Ellis and his endless supply of Mal's ... told that story, online .. to his credit. :)

But for the part as to why and how that can happen, is simple. For the most part, a dog with a fear of "people issue," or out aggression ... "won't take treat's from stranger's!" Straight, up flat out a dog with people issue's won't take treat's from stranger's!

But you have the "X," factor ... the dog focuses on the treat! Consumes the treat that some "Stranger Gave Him," he consumes it, and then look's up and there is some A-Hole in his face, petting him?? What the Hell and you have bite one!

I don't take that chance ... "My One Rule," is my dog my problem ... "No Civilian Involvement!" My Wl GSD did not like "People!" Period end of story! And I "respected," his choice! He does not have to like "anyone," he only had to be "Civil!" I respected his choice, he just had to be "Civil," and my "Job," was to keep people "Out of His Face!" And I was good at my job!

Rocky and I could go anywhere ... "He learned that he could trust me, and he learned what was expectable and what was not??" Uh ...proven! He understood I had his back, and he had my mine "apparently," as I was to learn later???

In ten year's there were only "two people," I would trust leaving him alone with! And my wife over rode me with one of them ... when I took a nap! '

But other than that when company came over ... he was with me, by feet in "Place!" House full of guest and his fine with that. Just don't ask to "Pet Him," and we were good!

But it did not really cuz Struddell was busy entertaining, everyone with her antic's! Now I did observe the most part our "female guest," were pretty cool to her antic's?? She would set quietly, next to them and wait for attention?? They would ignore her ... and she would say ... "well screw this I'll go back to the guy's!" And craziness and hilarity would ensue!

Dad was forgotten for those weekend's! She slept with company! Stru was a "true," people friendly dog! Rocky on the other hand ... could not wait for folk's "to just get out!"

And for the most part as far as I have seen?? If a dog "actually like people??" You don't need treat's! Stru would not take either cuz she did not care! Meeting people was the greatest, thing since the invention of Bake Bread!

My Rocky was the exact opposite but I worked with each of them. And yeah "Rocky," was a surprise to me?? But I worked with both and "excepted," who they were ... and it worked out fine in the long run! :)

So just saying ... "I can't help get him back to where he was??" And the "Climbing in your lap bit??" Is just so not good on so many level's! And I can state as a fact ... that if you sent him away to a "Competent Board Train," that would not happen! But right now ... you know of no alternatives??
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