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I am saying the same thing, two fawns cannot have brindle's, genetically impossible. I have a fawn, and my Mom has her sister, also fawn. Mine has a much darker coat it appears, and it will lighten as she gets older, is what our breeder told us and what I have learned from "my" experiences with Boxers. Actually when we saw them at 3 weeks they all kinda looked black, really dark hair, so as they mature they will lighten in color I would say...
Technically speaking "two fawns cannot have brindle's", But what if their were brindle ancestors in any one or both sides of pedigree, Then there is a good chance of this happening.

I had a litter in 2010, with 4 white & 2 fawn pups of both dark brindle parents & i'm sure the fawn pups from this litter will sire brindle pups, When bred. This is commonly known as "through back".
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