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"Boxer-frolic-pictures ..."

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Today Gero and his friend Kira had a nice day...


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Beautiful pictures, looks like they had a great time.  Like the last picture of them relaxing together.
How fun  :lol: Love the last 2 pics, those flying ears make me laugh! Looks like they had a great day :D
LOL!  Look at all that tongue!!! LOL!
Hahaha i love the second last pic, it just screams " COME PLAY!!!"
There's that usual!
Great pics! It looks like they had so much fun! And check out that tongue! LOL!

They look like great friends! Love the pics - last one is really good!
Those are great Gabrielle..Looks like Gero & Kira had a great time :)
Beautiful pics! They look like they had a very fun time, I'm sure they both slept soundly afterward. How could all the tongue and ear action shots not make you smile?! :)
aaaawwww aren't they wonderful.....great pics
OMG!  Those pics are great!  Those tongues, and it!  Looks like they had lots of fun.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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