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Boxer Growth Milestones?

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Ok...I've never had a puppy...let alone a boxer one til Jetta...

There are some basic puppy questions I have as well as boxer specific....

At what age do they lose all puppy teeth and when should I start brushing teeth?
What age do they get adult fur?
What age do they start getting more lips/jowels and stuff (more adult mouth set)
What age do the ear cartilidge set and make it so the ears are however they are at the time?
at what age do they begin to look more adult than puppy? The egg head going bye bye and more boxery looking?

Thanks guys
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If I remember right, Donners teeth were coming out around 4 months, can't say for sure how long it took. You can begin brushing at any time, even if you don't use the paste it's a good habit to start early  :D  The fur transition has been so gradual, I really couldn't say for sure. The big boy lips started about  8 - 9 months and his adult features are still coming in, broadening chest etc and he's 15 months. Don't have a clue about the ear cartilidge  8O But I think they all grow/change at their own rate  :lol:
Gaby is almost 6 month old now and she has lost the majority of her puppy teeth...I've been brushing her teeth now for the last 4 weeks on an every other day basis.

As far as the adult fur I'm not really shure but Gaby seems to be shedding quite a bit and I've noticed that the fur on her back seems a little more coarse.

The lips and jowels I think varies from dog to dog as well as their egg head shape i would think too.

not to shure about the ear cartilidge though...maybe someone else knows?
Good questions Jamie, been too long since i went thru puppyhood, so I'm not going to be much help, but if you look at those recent pics that Heather posted of Kash, you kinda get an idea about the facial changes and that's at 8 mos....Seems to me Buck was about that age as well and I really started noticing major changes in his face...Buck's coat was always very short, not coarse, so I'm no help there either, sorry..
Tough to answer these, they are pretty subjective questions.  To me Oggie has already started all of these but it really depends on how you interpret change, because it's all so gradual.
hmmm...I think Jetta has lost most of her puppy teeth already...not 100% sure as I never found any, lol

Her coat right now is soft as velvity satin..I don't know if it is puppy fur or adult fur...I hope it stays soft..>I don't have any allergies to it...Bo's gets me all itchy...except his velevetine forhead...

I've just started noticing that she is starting to look more adult like..but still looks very much the puppy...even more so than others on here...Sadie for instance and Oggie looks SOOO much older than her, but are only a few weeks older...she is gonna be 6 months in about 10 days or I just am trying to see if she is "on schedule"

The one thing I noticed with her is that she has some thick lips..but they don't really hang much..I can't wait til she has the hangy jowels like Bo...they are so cute when you can just grap his lips, lol..she loves his lips
I dont think that you will get a def. answer to all those questions.   Boxers mature at different rates.  Some will develop early, while others may take the full 2 years to fill out.   Also comparison to others really is inconclusive because while Kash may have bigger jowels at 8 months, another may not have even developed them.  

I think best to figure out how your boxer is going to develop is to look at the lines it comes from.   I know Hanna and Kash's Sire took almost 18 month to finally fill out, and think that Kash is going to be on that track.  Hanna filled out at about 12-18 months too.  She had a lot of puppy in her.  

Some dogs don't have that much flew (jowels) and others too much.   Its hard because esp in the ring you could be in a puppy class but going against a dog that is in the same age range but much more mature, thus taking you a bit longer to finish your dog.    

Puppies lose their teeth normally between 4-6 months.  I know many recommend starting to brush your pups teeth between 8-16 weeks.  This will hopefully help you have an easier time try to brush their teeth as an adult since they have been used to it.  

Boxers will most likey be at their full growth at 2 years.  However can have some adjustments after the 2 year mark, but nothing that critical.   However like I said they are all different.
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