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EVERYONE here needs to know about this!!!

I have been having serious health issue with my 8.5yr old Boxer Tug. He was diagnosed with pituitary involved Cushing’s 3.5 months ago. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) 3 months ago. He was hiding signs of his CHF (Boxers are notorious for this according to the cardiologist) so we didn’t know he was in actual distress until he was in pretty rough shape. But we got him in to a specialist and pulled that rabbit out of the hat. We never started the Cushing’s treatment because the Vet and the Cardiologist agreed along with me that the very dangerous nature of the treatment was too much to stack on the heart condition/medication.

Over the past 3mo Tug has been doing extremely well on his CHF program and a follow up visit with imaging showed that he couldn’t possibly be doing any better. That was fantastic news because dogs can last for years with CHF if attended to correctly. He gets his meds, I had a professional dietician do a diet for him, I make all his food, he gets all of the supplements needed and the perfect amount of exercise (as recommended by the Cardiologist). All is good in the world. Well, as good as it can be considering the circumstances.

This past Sunday evening Tug had a seizure that lasted 2min. Then an hour later one that lasted 20sec. I was of course very, very concerned. I have a friend who used to be a vet and called her. She said just roll with it and catalog if he has any more, when and how long. If they happen every month you do one thing. If they happen once a week you do another. If they happen every day….another. I talked to his “real” Vet Monday morning and she agreed.

Early Tuesday morning he had two more back to back seizures. Time to go to the Vet and get some meds. I’m going to cut the story short at this point because I have something I wrote for Tug on Facebook that I included below. It has the rest of the story as well as how the cannabinoids fit in. Skip down and read it now or read it later. It gives a good account to their effectiveness.

The cannabinoids are a derivative of hemp/marijuana. For the most part they are the “medical” portion of medical marijuana (MMJ). They have zero THC in them so this is not about getting your dog high. And most of the time when cannabinoids are extracted they are extracted from hemp (almost zero THC) not marijuana. I had heard that MMJ had been used a lot in children with seizures because the anti-seizure meds out there are really rough as far as side effects go. And sometimes simply don’t work at all. I’m glad I remembered that…………………….really glad. That got me looking into the cannabinoids for Tug. And if I didn’t have them in my arsenal of treatments for him right now I would have had to start making the quality of life choice. Which I don’t want to make. And cannabinoids have many, many more attributes than just treating seizures. They have a wide range of things that they help with. If your dog is having ANY health issues, please look into them.

I’m not here to sell this stuff. I just want the Boxer community to be aware that they are out there, inexpensive and fully legal. Oh yeah, and ZERO negative effects. It’s impossible to even overdose on them.

I went with Canna-Pet who seems like they are on the cutting edge. Here is a link to their site:

And here is the story of how cannabinoids may have saved Tug’s life. At a minimum, it made his life worth living.

Mr. Tug Update

We got him started on his anti-seizure meds (Keppra 500mg) on Tuesday. The Vet gave him a intravenous dose while we were there then instructed us to pick up his Rx for it on the way home and give him one right away. Tug was a MESS all day. Labored breathing, completely “not there” and was even having a hard time controlling his bladder. When he walked he was an almost falling down drunk. Obviously, I was very worried. I called the Vet that evening and they said skip his evening dose of Keppra and get started again in the morning.

Wednesday morning, he got his morning dose at 6:00am. He was a zombie. Like a mental patient all whacked up on drugs drooling on themselves. He wasn’t “in the building”. His breathing wasn’t fantastic either. I was again, very worried. About 4:00pm he “came back” and was moving around a bit. This of course coincided with the morning dose of Keppra wearing off (12hr dose). I called the Vet again and asked them to call me in some Keppra 250mg (can’t break the 500’s in half because they’re time release) so I could play with a smaller dose on Thursday in hopes of getting Tug “back” and really more importantly getting his breathing right. Vicki (my wife) got home from work at 4:30pm and I headed off to the gym in an attempt to bleed some anxiety/stress off. When I got back from the gym about 6:15pm Tug was “all there”. It was a relief. To test what was going on with his breathing I got his ball down (I have to hide it) and played some inside the house ball. His breathing was fantastic. For the previous two days, he was having horrific coughing fits because of any exertion over “idle”. I was starting to get hopeful again. The next dose of Keppra was due at 8:00pm though. I gave him another 500mg tab to get him through the night (even though he would be a zombie) and not risk a seizure when it is possible we wouldn’t notice (even though we penned him in the bedroom and he’s on the bed half the night).

Thursday morning I started him on his new Keppra dose. It’s not timed release in the 250’s so they need to be every 8hrs. I cut the pills down so I could go 187.5mg/dose 3x/day for a total of 562.5mg for the day. Basically, half of what we had the day before. Obviously, the risk of seizure goes up, but he simply can’t live at 1000mg a day. And I had what I was hoping was an ace up my sleeve. More on that in a bit. It was a risk I was willing to play with. I had writing to do all day in the office so he was four feet from me the entire time. He was definitely wiped out on the half dose of Keppra, but not nearly as bad as the day before. He would at least acknowledge that you were talking to him and he would get up and move around every once in a while, on his own. I was still pretty bummed out though. At 2:00pm my “ace card” was delivered. I found this stuff called Canna-Pet which is a CBD pill. CBD is derived from hemp/marijuana. It doesn’t have any THC in it, so it won’t make you high. But the CBD’s are for the most part the medical portion of medical marijuana. I had read/heard how this can really help with seizures, pain, inflammation, elevated mood, etc. It also happened to be time for his 2:00pm dose of Keppra. So, I gave him his Keppra along with the Canna-Pet.

By 3:00 when Vicki got home from work he was “all there” and actually starting to “cause trouble” as we say around here. Fifteen minutes later when Vicki left for the gym he was in full blown “Trouble” mode. I got his ball out of hiding and wondering if we were going to have any breathing issues (horrible coughing) I threw it down the length of the house. He went after it with gusto and came back the same way. So, I kept throwing it, for fifteen minutes, which is his time limit because of his congestive heart condition (CHF) which his cardiologist set up. At the end of 15min he was still ready to rock. That wasn’t happening before the seizures/seizure meds! The Canna-Pet is astoundingly effective. At least on Tug it is. I had read great things about it, but I wasn’t expecting this sort of MASSIVE effect. For the rest of the evening he was be boppin around the house and obviously in good spirits. And this was all on a fresh dose of Keppra. When Vicki got back he was still primed to go so Vicki played “Mr. Squirrel” with him in the living room for a bit (it’s lower impact than ball). After the previous days of what certainly looked like we were going to have to decide between “zombie dog that has a hard time breathing” and sending him across the bridge I was obviously elated. The constant “gut punch” that I was feeling because of stress/anxiety for the previous couple of day finally backed down to livable levels. I’m still stressed, but at least now I can eat without force feeding myself and last night I actually slept.

As far as last night goes more “miracle” Canna-Pet effects. Tug went out to do his business at 10:00pm. Then went to bed. He slept all the way through to 6:00am this morning……………………….Which NEVER happens!!!!

So now I get to slowly drop his Keppra dose all the while watching out for the dreaded seizure. In theory, the Canna-Pet should be able to handle the seizures. And I absolutely need to get him off the Keppra. He obviously doesn’t like it. I did some reading yesterday and people, who can obviously communicate better than dogs by in large hate it with a passion. The side effects sound brutal.

So, there we are ladies and germs. Hope is back in the house and it’s starting to look like we may be able to make a quality life for Tug. Thank you very, very much for all of your support!


And if you’re inclined we have a GoFundMe page set up to help with Tug’s medical costs. Things are really tight for the wife and I right now.

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Glad Tug is doing well.
Did they determine the cause of his seizures?
Be careful weening off the Keppra - it could cause the seizures to come back and you don't want him to start clustering (3 or more seizures in a 24 hour period) If that happens you need to rush to ER vet.

I notice that Canna-pet does not list the concentration of CBD oil.

We tried a different brand of CBD oil for Mongo's seizures, but it didn't work and he is now on phenobarbital , potassium bromide and prednisone.

All the anti-seizure meds make them like a zombie. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for them to get accustomed to the meds and then they are a little less zombie.

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