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Boxer meets snake

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Hondo just sits at their cage and stares and stares so I figured it was time to introduce the two.
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Awww....I'm not sure if that picture is too cute or too scary (coming from a person scared of snakes).  Maybe it's a bit of both? lol.
Gorgeous Snake!!! :-O I absolutely love snakes, might get one someday. That is a very patient dog right there, i dont think my dog would EVER let me put a snake on her. Gorgeous colouring on both the snake and boxer!
OMG that is crazy! Phoenix would go nuts.
OMG!!! Are you crazy?  :lol:  First of all, a little warning for the squeamish please.  8O  I almost had heart failure when I opened this thread!  :?
I don't even know what to say.....I'm just freaking out for poor Hondo!  :-SS
OMG!!!! and here I was thinking it was a new toy  8O lmao I am scared to death of snakes. I'm with Lisa on this one..For once I am typeless. LOL
ChloeBellesMommy\";p=\"81826 said:
OMG!!!! and here I was thinking it was a new toy  8O lmao I am scared to death of snakes. I'm with Lisa on this one..For once I am typeless. LOL

typeless LOL! in all seriousness though, i almost peed myself, if i were Hondo i would have passed out! :dead:
The only reason he was so still is because when he would lick him the snake would go straight up .It was amazing how long that tongue would stretch trying to get just one lick.
[quote="tootsie\";p=\"81807":37d0sxz1]OMG!!! Are you crazy?
WOW that's crazy :lol:  and hilarious at the same time....Hondo look like he don't know what to do with that thing :lol: ....what kind of snake is it? friend has a ball python and a boa
Thats my son's female albino corn snake.
does he bite??...the snake I mean :lol:
She can. A snake doesn't really understand like a dog. If it can eat it, it will bite it. That's where the problems start with the bigger snakes like the pythons.
My friend has been bitten many times by his boa, but luckily it's still a baby so it was only able to latch onto his finger, but I'm sure it was still quite painful....the day it starts latching onto his whole hand then I'd say he's got problems :lol:
Thats part of raiseing snakes, your gonna get bit. My 13 foot female tried to pull me in her cage during feeding.
Once she relized what she had ahold of she let go. Since haveing small children I no longer have boas and pythons,
but my son and daughter have really started getting intersted in them so I let them start small.
Beautiful snake!!  I think my only fear would have been Hondo freaking out and biting the snake...but, it seems he wasn't inclined to do that!LOL! Cool pic!
That's mad!  We have a Brazilian Rainbow boa and Tink is FASCINATED by him - she'll sit there whining at the cage if you're doing anything with it.  However, the one time they got anywhere near eachother, Hades struck at Tink, so I don't think we'll ever be reproducing your pic!  I had him across my shoulders while I was rearranging his tank and didn't realise that Tink had jumped onto the bed and was standing right behind us!  I just felt the "snap" when Hades struck out.  He didn't get her, though, and she didn't seem a bit fazed by it.

Hades is actually the most chilled out snake ever (which was a pleasant relief after our last one, who'd strike if you walked past the tank!).  He has never even struck at Emmet or I, let alone actually bitten either of us.  (Touch wood, ha ha!)  I even fell asleep with him up my sleeve once, and when I woke up I literally had to shake him very roughly out of there (looked like I was doing the hokey cokey!) and he didn't even flinch.
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I was ok with this..until Eimear said
I even fell asleep with him up my sleeve once
what were you thinking?!? lol
Cool!  Hondo doesn't look too sure about it. :lol:
My son wants a corn snake.  I told  him when he moves into his own place, he can have what ever he wants! :lol:
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