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I've had a few people ask me about these and if there is one near them, so I thought I would post the link so you can check to see if there is a local one. I highly recomend if your boxer loves to play and is good around others to check into it...Angel has a blast when we go and it is a great way to burn off some of that energy, plus meeting everyone and exchanging thoughts, tips and stories  :)
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im a member of that site, but none of the groups around me are setting up any meet ups....
Sorry to bring back an old thread... My boyfriend's friends are getting Mia's brother and my neighbor right beside us has a male boxer who is 9 weeks old.. I want to start doing get togethers with us three and some other boxer owners on I don't know how it works though..Can anyone explain?? Do they still have a fee to use their site?
To my knowledge, there is a fee..Did you check to see if there was a meetup group near you? I travel almost 2 hours for mine, but it's well worth it!  :) You can always start an informal group amongst yourself and also check with your local vet & pet store and see if there are any other boxers in your area that might be interested...Perhaps your vet and the pet store might allow you to put up flyers....Make sure you have a large totally fenced in area...Some meetups require the males to be neutered to attend, ours does not...Have plenty of adults on hand to break up any tiffs(they do happen)..Have tons of toys for the dogs, balls, frisbees, etc....A couple small wading pools are good for watering holes....Hope this was some help..Let me know if you need any more help
It's free if you don't start a meetup. From what I could see it looked easy and had some great benefits... like the rsvp thing. My question was really... how to run one. There are  14 people in my city interested (one being me) and no meetups any where near us. I just don't know how to start or have one... or I'd pay the fee and just have people donate some money to help me with it. Make it MUCH cheaper to have a group. I don't know.
Thats what I wanted to do.. Theres about 10 right now near me and my neighbor has a little boxer puppy, so I'd obviously tell him and then my boyfriend's friends are getting Mia's brother and then I could even tell her breeder (she wants to have little playdates for the puppies to all come back and meet up)..
There is one in Southern WI that I just joined.  I can't make the meeting next Saturday but will make the one in June.  Its 90 minutes away but I think it will be worth it.  I got a really nice email from one of the members.
*pouts* See that's not fair! LOL The closest one to me is like 8-10 hrs away. :cry:
There are like 3 by me, but no one ever sets a date... luckily i have my  maggie and a few other dogs for her to play with!
I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries here, but Flutterby, I'm pretty close to you and I'd really love for Jaxon and I to be including in a playdate too!
Here is Kiah yesterday at our meetup.  Thought it was a really good picture of her (just a reason to be a proud momma and post :lol: )


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IloveJaxon\";p=\"24100 said:
I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries here, but Flutterby, I'm pretty close to you and I'd really love for Jaxon and I to be including in a playdate too!
I didn't even catch this!! If we could get a playdate set up, I wouldn't mind at all! I want Mia to be able to socialize with as many dogs as possible!

And Barb, I really think Mia is going to look like Kiah! She has the same ear placement and build!
I may be a bit prejudiced but I think Kiah is beautiful and Mia is already such a little doll, I hope she does look like her.  I wonder if she will be as big, Kiah weighed 62 lbs at the vet a couple of weeks ago and i think she is 24" but she wouldn't stand real still for me.
Thanks so much Willow I just found one in my area and signed up to go!!  This is going to be fun!!
That's awesome!!! Hope you like it :)
I signed up for one in my area too :) actually there is a meet coming up in 2 weeks! I want to go, I will sure try to make it :)
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