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Okay, so I know thats totally not where they get their name from, but thats the only thing I can think of to describe what this tiny little furry tornado is doing. I think it could be described also as a pile driver, superman, or tiny puppy insanity. I'm not sure.

Tonks is a very well behaved dog for a pup. She just turned 10 weeks, and she is learning not to rough house. The breeders that I got her from state that she has been socialized with children, which is very apparent but I think that they probably rough housed or wrestled with her. I think she looks at my 7 year old more like a litter mate than a people, which is still a habit that we are trying to break.

However, she is displaying a behavior I have never seen in another dog before. I've owned rotti's and labs, and chihuahuas and corgis and I've never experienced this. Tonks new thing that she will do is she will run at my daughter and completely ram into her. She takes a flying leap, and will either slam her body into her or she'll punch (I can't think of another word to describe this) with her front paws. Like she's diving into a pool with her paws out. She will also become unresponsive to commands when she starts doing this. Usually a sharp "hey!" or "Oiy!" will get her attention if she is misbehaving or acting up, but this morning we were playing fetch (we are teaching her this game) and my daughter was sitting on the floor tossing the ball for her in the kitchen. I was in the living room, there is a puppy gate between the living room and the kitchen folding laundry. Mind you, I'm still probably not even 5 feet away, supervising the situation. But the gate is between us, as Tonks thinks my rug is a puppy pad. Anyway, my daughter tosses the ball to Tonks. Tonks goes after it, turns around and starts running at her, takes a flying leap at my daughter, punching her in the chest with her paws. I deliver the sharp "Oiy!" which instead of her stopping and coming to attention like she normally does, she takes off running. I'm commanding her "Tonks, come here" as I get to the gate and she takes another flying leap at the child who is now trying to stand up.

I've also witnessed her do this to the gate itself in an attempt to move it I assume and get into the living room. She also did this to my blinds by our sliding glass door. This is usually the body slam maneuver instead of the paw punching maneuver.

I'm not sure what this is. I don't think she's being malicious. She's not growling or displaying any aggressive signs. Maybe she's getting really hyper while they are playing? Anyway, I'm not sure what this behavior is, and how I can break when she becomes non responsive.

Anyone else seen this? Or have any tips on what to do? Really, other than this random thing she does, she's very well behaved and she is so smart. She knows her commands and will obey them regardless on who they come from, only when she starts this running jumping thing will she ignore. Thoughts?
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