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Boxer seems to be sick?

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1st off my female boxer has a sensitive stomach, 6 years old, and is in a healthy weight and eats Canidae Dry dog food.  Today early this morning she puked up clear fluid and look to be a small amount of blood in it.  About 30 minutes later, she refused to eat, so I offered her some yorgurt with a smaller meal than normal.  She ate that  About 90 minutes later she puked that.  When I got home later she refused to eat again and pondering on what to do.  I know if I don't feed she will puke.  She can't ever have an empty stomach (that sensitive stomach thing) or she will puke.  What can I do, thank you for your help...
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Thank you for the quick responses.  I went ahead and feed her some dry food mixed with rice and a small amount of yogurt.  The only problem I have is she sometimes get some crazy idea that she can eat a shelled pecan, I think she learned it from my dumb pug.  I have quite a few pecan trees in my yard so finding pecans is not too troublesome for them.  The only thing I can think is she might of got into some residual fire ant killer that was spread on yard via the pecans?
Everything seems to be fine, I was just worried that she actually refused to eat.  That was a 1st.  Thanks for the prompt responses.
She is doing fine now, I didn't witness the blood, but my wife was worried when she discovered it.  For the longest time should would have routine episodes of throwing up in the middle of the night, or if she was not feed on schedule.  We found that it was the cheap Purina dry dog food constantly upset her.  After switching to to Solid Gold, then to Innova, we finally settled for Canidae for the time being.  The Solid Gold was great and cured the night sickness, but they did that carry it when I moved.  Then the Innova also worked, but the stinky farts and high price of it was too much, plus the worry of the protein content.  Now we are with the Canidae, but still have friends telling me that is no good?  
That is just a little background on my baby, any suggestions is appreciated.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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