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Re: Boxer vs. Kitten

Sounds like you are doing the right thing.  Our first boxer came into a house as a puppy with two big kitties.  We had a Mane **** cat that held the puppy down and gave her a bath.  They got along very well and never really had any issues with chasing.  How ever when we got our rescue she decided that it was great fun to chase the cats.  When puppy #3 came along she loved to help the rescue chase and corner the cats.  They never really hurt the cat just would chase them if they ran.  If the cats just walked across the room the dogs didn't even blink at them so if you can train your little kitten to WALK you should be fine!  :D  8O

It also depends on the personality of the cat.  We have a cat now that prefers to sleep with the boxers and loves to play with them, he isn't afraid of them at all and will bite them on the leg if they play too rough with him.  :D
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