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Re: Boxer vs. Kitten

well we have Isis our white boxer and onyx our blk lab both BIG..80 plus pounds..and 2 cats..a big 20 pound siamese and a small petite hellion tiger kitten named prada...

prada was only about 2 weeks when we found her..almost dead..nursed her back and in that process she turned into the devil
both dogs always knew to be careful.we never had to tell them..they would chase her but never hurt her..they always just either got bored and caught up to her and then jsut sniffed...
NOW a year later..the cat is the monster under the dog bowls..she lays under it waiting for them to walk up so she can attack their ankles...she jumps out of the dark at them .etc...well she does it to us too...shes crazy ! they chase her and box her and she boxes back ..kinda funny..

as far as the big cat..well haha they chase him too but he just lays down and the dogs walk away...

i really think they all just work it out...esp if your pup has already had a kitty in the house...i wouldnt worry..:)
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