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Boxer with Excema

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Hi new to the forums. I have a three year old male boxer
called rocko and he has excema. He first got it about two
months ago and i took him to the vet and got tablets and
cream, it went away but a few weeks later it came back.
This is the third time he has got the excema back and im
lost on what to do. The tablets and cream the vet has gave
me seem to be just getting rid of it and then its coming back.
Can anyone help me out or advise me on what i can do for him?
Its right bad lookin and he,s mad to scratch it but i have to keep
stopping him cuz he,s scraping it and ripping open sores.
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Hi and welcome to Boxer Forums.  :)
The most common allergen is food. What are you feeding Rocko? If you are feeding a chicken based food, maybe try a lamb and rice or venison and potato. Other high allergens in foods are wheat, soy, and corn.

Here is a great article on dog allergies: ... C=0&A=1699

Good luck, it can be very frustrating figuring out what is causing this, but I would definitely start with changing his food.
Hello and welcome!!!  Sorry I can't be of any help to you.
Hi and thanks for the help. Sorry i aint been around sooner
because its still there and now its going down around his
eyes and it dont look like its going away.

Im going to start monday on changing his diet
and he is to see a different vet 2m (the last one was crap)
and i hope he can help.

Thanks for the help il try be around here more and get some
pics up of rocko
Hi and welcome. I am sorry i cant be of any help as well. But i would love to see some pics.
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