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Boxers as service dogs?

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Has anybody tried to use a Boxer as a service dog? Hopefully if all turns out, Ares will become one. Fom what I've been told, they sound like the would make great ones. Just curious to see if anyone has done it.
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I've heard of Boxers being service dogs. I think we even have a couple on here training to become one. That's great though! CONGRATS! I'm sure Ares will become a GREAT SERVICE DOG... one of the best! :)
One of my pups a reverse brindle male is training to be a service dog--Balance dog for my mother.  Boxers are usually used for hearing assistance, pulling wheelchairs, and general assistance.

Boxers can do anything! Seriously, yes they make great service dogs..There are certain steps in order to becaome one. I belive first they must get their CGC(canine good citizen)
:wink: Isis is deaf and an INCREDIBLE autism service dog for our 5 year old autistic son. and actually being deaf helps alot because there are no noise distractions. She is VERY aware and alert even asleep.
she is so willing to learn and loves to please

good luck youve made a great choice
:D ya what he said ^^ lol

couldnt have said it better..shes awesome !!! all i can say
Is there any reason boxers aren't used as police/military dogs anymore?  Are German shephards just so perfect in that role it's not necessary to use any other?
hmm Sully good ? i ve seen alot of dept's use other breeds...drugs and rescue dogs ive seen alot more labs and goldens..

i wonder why police dont use other than sheps? hmmm
I know that there are some Boxers in Search and Rescue, but yea, you never see them in police work anymore..A shame really, they would excel at it
I don't know why german shepherds are so popular with police, belgian malinois are being used more too.. but while I agree that boxers are capable of doing a great job- they probably can't take the heat as well in many locations.  I remember seeing a special on tv about training police dogs, and even the GSD were overheating.
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