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Boxers over heating

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Well I went to the dog park today just like every other day with Deuce.  It was around 70-75 degrees here in Kentucky and Deuce got a little sick.  After we were there for about an hour he started throwing up and doing a lot of dry heaving.  Lots of mucas and what was left of his food from this morning.  He looked jjust pitiful.  So I took him to get some water and her threw that back up.  Then I poured some water on him and it seemed to make him feel much better.  Has anyone else ever had this problem before or would it be from some other reason.  He and my roommates dog did chew up a plastic bag that some treats came in this morning as well.
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Heat exhaustion is common in Boxers, they are short nosed(sp) and deep chested....Sometimes you just have to get them to quit playing to cool them down...What I do with Samson who has a lot of issues with heat is take a towel and get it damp with cool water and wrap it around his chest, or take ice cubes and rub it on the chest, or dunk the feet in some cool water..Course the hose is always a good thing to, but mine aren't real fond of water :) They actually make cooling mats that are great to use as well like beds. They excess exercise more than likely upset his tummy and drinking all the water just compounded it...Cours eating a plastic bag might not have helped matters. I would watch him for any side effects from that..
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