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Hi everyone,

I am a first-time dog owner with two boxers, a 3 year old male and a 1.5 year old female. I am based in Punjab, India and we are in the middle of our monsoon season. Until my problem started, I was giving my dogs Royal Canin Boxer feed with 3 eggs and curd/yogurt (Dahi) (1 Kg) in the whole day.

Around a month back, my 3 year old passed a stool which was bloody and mucus-like. I consulted my vet and she put him on antibiotics. We rectified this by moving the dog completely off dairy (Vet felt that he might have developed an allergy to Dairy), switching from Royal Canin to Drools. Since then he doesn't have any problems with his stool but he is getting weaker and skinnier by the day.

My 1.5 year boxer decided to kill and eat a bird around the same time and then she passed a similar bloody stool. Hers cleared up a lot sooner and then they were both doing fine but losing weight and showing low energy.

Yesterday, my 1.5 year old started throwing up and has been throwing up this morning too. I have given her the medicine as directed by my vet and hopefully this will clear up too.

So here are the questions I am struggling with.
  1. The recommended amount of feed is not sufficient for the dogs and I want to give them something more to eat, so that they will gain a bit more weight and energy. What can I give them?
  2. How many hard-boiled eggs are OK for my dogs on a daily basis?
  3. How can I properly diagnose the problem that my dogs are facing?
Any help will be highly appreciated.
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