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Boxing Boxers

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I don't know if Boxers are named such because they box, but Atticus definitely does.  Box, that is.  Takes his paw and just smacks the other dog in the face, playfully.  It's the way he almost always tries to initiate play with another dog.  Lots of dog-owners who he approaches to play in this manner think it's threatening or aggressive behavior, but I know it's just Atticus' way of saying "let's play!"  Is this typical of Boxers and atypical of other breeds?
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It's a boxer thing! :wink:  :D
I think it's very cute, but have had the experience of other people not liking it.  I have to explain that he's a boxer, he's just "boxing".
Boxers definately play differently than other dogs.
I personally love it... Preston gets up and stands on his bakc legs and boxes with me.. gets both legs wrapped around my arm and goes in with his mouth to roughhouse with me....
Totally agree with Nano on this... Boxers do play totally different from any other dogs I have seen. Up on the hind legs, chest butts, very vocal. I posted about this topic just last week because my two really sound ferocious when they are playing but it is just play...24/7 around my house unless they are asleep  :lol:
Oh yea, Boxers have their own style of play..It is intimidating to some people and dogs as well, hence like Nano said playing at dog parks sometimes just doesn't work..
I'm just wondering if other people try to teach them not to jump/box with other dogs that don't want to engage them?  I find if I'm at a party or something, some people try to tell Oggie no when he starts jumping/playing with their dog.  I don't think they understand he's trying to play.  I teach him not to jump on people but should I really teach him not to play with other dogs just to appease owners?
Sully, I think people just don't understand that is how boxers play and I would definitely think the other dog would let him know if it was a problem. I say screw 'em, let the dogs play...ha ha... :lol:
I had a woman keep yelling at Ringer last weekend because he was being 'mean' when he was boxing with her 6mo 20lb lab/shepard puppy.  Every time I would get Ringer to go play with the Neo Mastiff, ENglish Mastiff and the other boxer, her puppy would come over and incite more play time and she would get mad all over again.  She sat in the corner and held her puppy back for a while and then left.  Why bring a dog to the dog park if you don't want it to interact with the other dogs?  Guess I have moved off topic.  
Yeah, they box and I think it is awesome.  My friends dobies do the same thing so it's not necessarily unique to boxers.
Yes, Jake boxes too. It's hilarious to watch. I am respectful of other dog owners and explain this is how Boxer's play. I believe it is important to make sure Jake is being polite though, sometimes he doesn't realize when he's just really making another dog angry - there's appropriate play and inappropriate play and sometimes it's hard to see - if the other dog is stressed and showing signs of aggression, I take control of Jake - it's a good opportunity to practice training and his obedience. Most dogs seem inquisitive and love playing with him although the boxing seems to confuse a lot of the other dogs. About the lady at the dog park, that's really too bad. That's a great way to raise a dog that can't defend itself or find it's place in the pack. She's setting herself up for some major headaches. The dogs need to work it out.
Duke definitely boxes, and it was a shock to our lab, Chipper when we first let them play!  Now Chipper boxes back (self preservation, really), and it really surprises Duke.  I definitely agree that this behavior earned boxers their name.
Boxer_man_Rich\";p=\"73555 said:
I personally love it... Preston gets up and stands on his bakc legs and boxes with me.. gets both legs wrapped around my arm and goes in with his mouth to roughhouse with me....
Rich - yes Britney likes to wrap her arms around me too but I don't like it much. She is silent and suddenly her arms are wrapped around my leg and she is biting my shorts...I just brush it off thinking she wants to play...

Britney does her share of boxing with other dogs for sure! I really only let her play like that with one of my friends husky mix.
I researched boxers before my mother got one a few years ago, then I got one...but I found that they were named boxers because they do box with their front paws.  And my lette does it all the time lol, my moms boxer only does it when I bring lette over, but lette does it with everyone!!!!
Oh, yeah...that is EXACTLY why they are called that when I was researching them...I LOVE it...and all three of ours box...of course, they have eachother...

You know, I agree with Dan...I don't get bringing your dog out to play with other dogs if it's not alright for them to ACT like dogs...I think people ought to be REQUIRED to take a course(or at LEAST study an article) in dog body lingo...and learn to respect their way of doing things...this is NOT a democracy!LOL!

There are a great many characteristics of boxers that people don't understand...gee, maybe I should print up flyers to pass out to those who meet up with my dogs!LOL!  Title  "Meet the Boxer! The dog worlds biggest clown!"
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