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Many breeders whether reputable or not have some kind of website.   On a website there are many of different things that can post up a *Red Flag* per se, on why you should further investigate the breeder or why you should stay away.

I thought a group effort - because we all have looked over many of sites on what you should look for, and what would in your opinion would be a Red Flag to prompt further investigation.

Its also noted that you really cannot fully judge a breeder by its website, many reputable ones leave out some important information and many bad ones offer too much.   But usually from a website you can see if you agree with some things and others that may prompt you to ask a bit more of them.


To me, I like to see if they health test or mention health testing.   Breeders can say they are breeding healthy puppies to loving homes, however healthy is just not a vet check that says the pup is ok.   We all know the risks of genetic health issues, hence why a breeder who does not health test really IMO is not all that into the breed.  If you love the breed, then IMO you protect the breed, to produce only the best you can.   Also if they say they health test, is not like ok, check that box off and next question.  You should be able to see the results of the health testing to make sure the test marks up with the dog.     Also sometims just because they show their dogs, does not mean they health test so best to always ask up front.

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When looking at online breeder sites there are a few early red flags for me.
I think when searching for a breeder my #1 thing of importance would also be the health testing. I would also want to be able to see the results. Not being able to give me that proof would be a huge red flag for me.  
Great Input Lisa!!!

I also like to see that the breeder is choosing a stud outside their own dogs.  Not many reputable breeders have the exact and perfect stud dog to compliment their bitches.   I find that if a breeder only used his/her own male to breed their females, its a flag for me - more of a BYB.   Many of the litter announements you see are a result of two different kennels.     I would also ask in a breeding why are your breeding these two?  What do you hope to get out of it??
I think when the focus of the site is available puppies, that's a red flag.  The core of the site should be about the breed, or more specifically, their own dogs and how they inspired them to breed them (and dog show awards of course).  Pictures of their dogs before pictures of the next available litter, basically.  Generally, the harder it is to find info on available litters the better, in my mind.  Some breeders won't even have that info on the web page, you have to email and ask.  I like that.
When I found Delila's breeder she not only gave me impeccable references from her vet, an IABACA judge who has seen her dogs, and a few previous owners of a former liter of hers. She also wanted references from me, from my vet, and the obedience trainer I used for Ekim. She questioned my knowledge of the breed ( temperment, health, activity level, and nutritional needs ). She supplied all heath testing of her dogs to my vet, she also supplied health testing a few generations back. Another thing that impressed me was that she investigated any dogs that passed away and the cause of death and the longevity of the grandparents and great grandparents of the parents of her puppies. I asked hundreds of questions myself and her knowledge of the breed was extremely impressive, it was as if I found these answers in a textbook, she was so astute in her answers. This woman also keeps in contact with me every few weeks, as she stated " We are now family, as I have one of her babies". I can not get Delila's AKC papers until I show proof of her getting spayed, and if for some reason I can not keep her, she is to be returned to her breeder. She also matched her temperment to the temperment of my Ekim, and she did a great job, she had a large liter of puppies, but she would only allow me to choose from a group that she thought would suit Ekims temperment, she was right on with the match. I am not saying that she is the best breeder as I could have found many many good ones, but she truely cares about the betterment of the breed.
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For once I tihnk I agree with sully here. I dont really look online for breeders. But I have and I have noiticed that there are a lot that show available litters on the home page...first thing you see...
Oh sorry I mean websites in general.   So if you were researching looking for a pup, not one that is available, what would turn you off per se when going thru websites of breeders.    I know in my spare time I like to check out some dogs of breeders, and even some really good show kennels have sites that would turn me off - others that make me want to learn more about their dogs.  Stuff like that is what I am wondering what you look for, not just in searching for a puppy, but in general when researching a breeder shall someday, you want to get a puppy.


For instance, I always like to see their links, so see what and who they support.   If they like other puppy mills /BYB that would be a red flag.
I think maybe my next pup will be from this breeder  that i spoke with and liked her site. I liked the links to other good show kennels etc that Heather mentioned. I also like to see contact info right up there so i can ask questions etc. A copy of a pet contract i think is useful especially if it talks about spay/neuter contract and returning unwanted pups to the breeder..i think that makes me feel they care. Of course seeing how active in shows and things are good. One thing that made me feel was a good breeder was the prices of dogs...i know it's weird but here people try and sell whites for MUCH more than other colors. I found that the good breeders that had whites sold them for CONSIDERABLY less...I cant remember if that info was on the site or if i had to contact them tho...but if whites are advertised as a lot more expensive i tend to think they just want to make money.
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Lots of good information everyone...I really don't think that researching a kennel online is wrong...Suppose you got real excited in a kennel in the North, and like me you are in the South? How else are you going to do a preliminary search? I also like to see that the kennel does a lot of "outbreeding" and why...Angel as many of you know was destined for breeding, but due to her prolapse, that didn't happen..Rhonda went over with me point by point, what her faults are, pigeon toed and her shoulders aren't as tight as she would have liked, sooo IF she had been bred, she would have looked for a stud to offset those faults...One thing that wasn't mentioned, or I might have missed is health guarantees...I like to see a health guarantee that will allow for genetic illness, etc and what would happen in that event....I also agrre that it'[s interesting ot see what links the breeder has on their website...I look at all of them, you just never know what you may find  :)
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