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I am of the Opinion that you can not even start to ïmprove the breed" until you do something with the Dogs
Competitive Obedience or Agility (Tracking etc) when you can train a Dog to Compete against all breeds then you are Qualified to .... breed. If breeders can't train their dogs and demonstrate that to a high standard how do they expect
anyone else to train them. The Dogs need to be able to do something a bit more than a show stack


As well as Health Checks if there are no IPO's CD's TD'S AD ADX in the lines.... RUN

People who do train breed Dogs that can be trained. Now they don't have to win
But trainable dogs are easier to live with.

The Boxer Breed Standard is full of a Demand for this and was visionary as far as the physical and no physical form
of the Dog some extracts

The character of the Boxer is of the greatest importance and demands the most careful attention.

Boxer temperament in the ring is of the utmost importance. The young Boxer should
be alert to the approach of a judge but display a playful attitude. The mature Boxer
may be more reserved and adult males may show a dominant attitude towards other
adult males, but not to the extent of overt aggression. Fear or softness of temperament
must be penalised.

His intelligence and willing tractability, his modesty, and cleanliness
make him a highly desirable family dog and cheerful companion.

I am a Fan of the 1920's 30's dogs
Look at this

My First Breeder Competed in Agility and do did my first Dog

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a companion and protector

If your dog is to protect you have you tested it?
Does it have the obedience to a high enough standard to work and focus under stress and intense distraction
I am just asking because I do not think it is fair or responsible to expect a Dog any Dog to .... Protect anyone or anything unless it is trained with the necessary controls and tested prior.

Now you may like how it performs or be sorely disappointed ?
Also ïf"a dog over protects in a protection situation there are legal consequences that mean the dog could be
put down for doing what is natural and right.

Also with "Protection" it is not realistic to assume you and your dog will be dealing with one intruder or opponent
and if so "can you" back you dog up? if you send it into a situation that puts it outnumbered and/or out of its depth?

Protection is a pretty serious responsibility to give a Dog and I would put my money on a Boxer over a
Working GSD but before multiple gang members try kick in your door best prep the dog.

The Beginning Test on my Dog that did Agility and Guard Dog work was

3 dogs and handlers lines up about 5 m apart
Note they had to have a recall under distraction - only Koehler method of recall worked for mine

The Agitator comes out Balaclava sticks and very agitates and attempts to attack the hander
The Dog defends or it does not Pass or Fail

1 of the 3 dogs I was with a Bull Terrier Failed it backed off (better for the owner to know)
let that dog be a pet and live a happy life. Some don't have it so don't push it.

you are told to prepare to brace yourself hold your dog and if anything goes wrong "call it off""

Now Mine nearly pulled me off my feet the noise was incredible and pulled out and defended

All I am saying it is better to know - your dog than to assume

Back 30 years ago in Backward British Colonies like New Zealand 1 boxer would suffice

Now that the Gang Population outnumbers the armed forces I would say

2 Boxers should be enough for most situations.

My Dogs are not there to .... Protect me .. they are to protect any intruder ... from me
I moved from that area because a lady was burned alive in her own car

Just saying because protection is a serious issue if it goes wrong
If you are going to need a Dog Learn some serious self defence as well so you can help your dog if need be

Dogs to Forewarn and Deter are the Best Defence from incidents and legal consequences

After that Dog Died someone threatened to come over your hedge and ffff you up you xxxx racial slur b a s t a rd
after they had a domestic dispute outside my house

I went back inside got my large club for those situations locked the door and they never came over ? Shame

Shame ole Hermie was not alive for that and truth is those people He not have allowed their nonsense
they would not have been able to hear themselves speak if they had tried to come over and have a go
it would have been Hilarious

Here is a Boxer doing Protection

I do not like some of this because the Dog is sent in too fast from a hand signal
who they are being sent against does not look threatening enough

I know it is picky but it should have been sent in from a sit
That Dog has a big heart

But you don't want your dog going in like this willy nilly
If you untrained dog does their version of this without command or control
You are in deep legal poo poo in many countries

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True - Ingmar Sioen - has IPO Qualified 70 boxers last count
in that process he as has to fail (2) so in his opinion the breed is in good shape (Dangerous to assume)
W R Koehler wrote on of the First Books on "Guard Dog Training"he supervised training of 1100 boxers
His Obedience with intense distraction though practical and sound is preparation for Guard Dog Work.

I am not too much of a Fan of IPO and Schutzhund but it is ok
The Natzis Favoured the GSD and they lost the war - they were not that smart.

For Guard Dog work even temperament is better Aggressive Dogs are useless for real Protection Duties imho.

There is a risk of no discernment and they can fire up too fast and not be aware of Danger.

The Germans are better breeders of Dogs than the British who trashed their Bull Dog.

All breeders need to do is STICK TO THE BREED STANDARD
No Boxer should be bred until is can pass IPO 1 tracking obedience and guard dog work.

If you are not prepared to do that STOP Breeding Dogs otherwise the breed could go the way of the
British Bull Dog.

Digger Australian Supposed British Bull Dog (before they wrecked it)

Same Era - Same War

Look at all the Bull breeds and their BS

Look at a "British Bull Dog" next time you see one of those tragedies walk past you that is if they can
still walk nowadays

That is the result if you take the route of ignoring Function and work ability.

The People who set up the Boxer Breed Standard were Visionaries.

Phillip Stockmans dog could Win in the ring and in working trials against anything alive Today.

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Date of birth:

Who would not be happy with a Dog Like that with a Good Temperament?
Phillip Stockman was a Master Breeder

1929 and he banked his DNA in the USA and UK between the Wars - He was a Breeding Genius.

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I have done Shutzhund training as well as tracking and search and Rescue training with previous German Shepherds I have owned so been there done that. I do recognize the inherit instinct in my Boxers to protect me I have not one single doubt they would , both have wonderful friendly temperaments but let someone raise their voice at me or act aggressively my dogs are on high alert they put themselves between me and the perceived threat be it human or animal especially my female. At this point in my life I want companions and friends we trail walk daily and are very active I take them all kinds of places again they do well. I don’t want a machine by my side these dogs are my family

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That is correct I once had to trim a thread on my partners collar picked up the scissors walked towards her
My First Boxer pushed me its owner aside. Even as a pup he indicated on any drama in the neighbour hood
I remember him getting me up in the night 3 times got up the next morning and hoons had been at work.
He would place himself between any strangers I remember a man waving at them as Toddlers hello hello
he saw him from 100yards away and was there in seconds Staunch - like back off

I have no doubt 99.9% of Boxers will defend but it is how?

We had foul mouthed brats from the rental property down the road swearing outside our house
Pop Pop goes off at them

they are feral go down a one way street at night skating the wrong way with no helmet

I used to have brats tease my first dog through the gates I taught bark and bale and guard with control

Who wants to loose a good dog over some feral morons uncontrolled brat

Hermie knew his job lady with a pram let passed no issue our side of the road

Patched Gang Member other side of the Road minutes later
1 Bark to get eye contact then a heap and a hit at the gate to let him know
I am here and you are there and any time you want to rumble

Here is Saint Jacinda's Paradise for you

When you have had 2 groups of 30 gang members turn up on your street for a rumble (like I have)
you will get what I am talking about

IF you are going to Talk Protection Get Real Get Serious and do it right

A good Dog is part of an overall safety strategy and a corner stone of it but it is part of a team YOU
and your property has to be as secure as it can be

Gangs in Aus are nearly as bad and out of control as NZ the Word KICK IN is real

The Authorities pander to these people

I have moved my Family to a place of relative safety but hey
2 boxers is better than one

Do not want to give you nightmares


Schutxhund Sputzhund

and these scum steal peoples dogs for Gang Dog Fight Rings

So you have to protect yourself and your dogs from them somehow

2 boxers is better than one and they will look after each other when you are gone
and never ever ever let your dog get out or set them up so they can even see it

Hear it great they all used to think my first dog was 2 dogs
The Noise makes them imagine what might happen if they go over that wall fence hedge whatever

They will not go onto the property with 2 dogs

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The Breed Still exists the assumption that your Dog is going to Protect you always does also

The Parameters of Protection and Security have changed

The General Security Situation in Australia and NZ British Colonies have deteriorated to the point of stupidity

You actually have to protect your dogs as well as yourself.

I am of the opinion that British Attempts to Ïmprove this German Breed will in fact destroy it like they have done their Bull Dog RIP. Stick to the form and Function of the Original German Standard with working tests.

I don't want to freak anyone out with this but IF you are thinking of relying on your Dog to ... Protect
Train it test it and back it up physically if necessary that means do proper self defence training
(if your dog gets out of its depth you go into the fight with it) tooth and claw
Join the party if you are not prepared to do that for your dog don't send it in.

The mindset should be the dog is to protect you from me not the other way around.

Leave my dogs alone and get off my property NOW. The Police have been called
and you better hope they come soon.

Keep the dog inside and assess the risk first how many are there out there? is it a set up?

If you are outnumbered a good folding leather leash is good so you and the dog do not become disconnected
You can work it at 6ft distance

Assess relative risks etc etc know the law your likely local risks and review your property carefully.

It is an Irony of the Breed that people who favour the "British Style"Boxer with no working tests
Need to look more closely at their ... "British Colonies" of Australia and New Zealand and the inherent
safety risks of living in those places? Have lived in both and they are just plain scary.
Under policed and over regulated.

You have to see the regulations to believe them in parts of Australia IF you class your dog
as a guard dog - signs muzzles in public etc etc etc etc
Your Dog only has to look at someone the wrong way and they will class it as "Dangerous"

IF you get this wrong the consequences are terminal ( for you and your dogs)
and financially terminal if you end up in a courtroom that ALWAYS favours offenders.

The Best thing Boxers do is act as deterrents

The Best way to set them up is so they can be heard but not seen. The Size and Quantity of what is over that
Barrier is left to any intruders imagination. The signs are clear but not OTT

My First Dog is Buried in Crouch Position on the property he guarded that I still own in NZ
Guarding it in the afterlife Huge Rock Over his Body when I visit I place flowers.

No one or Nothing got passed him on Duty there were only 2 incidents

One when he was locked inside as I had a trailer ready for an early morning trip and the gates opens
(cars broken into) and the other incident after he died.

The Drama he prevented and service he did - my Gratitude to him is unfathomable
I worked nights and had a young Family - I knew when he was there the place was secure and guarded.

After that Dog had died one evening I looked out my window sun going down
20-30 gang members of 2 rival gangs getting ready to rumble called the cops they dispersed them
Later in the night at a different location someone was shot

Those 2 same gangs are still active today (got worse) they have done 20+ drive by shootings in the last few weeks

Just saying this is the real world for some people

They need to have to break onto your property before they break into your house

The Difference between Aus and NZ is only the size and make up of the gangs
NZ 20-30 at once Aus 100+

Aus is so safe I just walked past 2 security guards with Glocks hey they are allowed glocks
and they try and prevent you having any form of Guard Dog

That is "British Colonies for you"as good as their Dog Breeding.

When you play this game you play for keeps - Do it properly or do not pretend you or your Dog are Protected

Hey and if want a Dog as a Pet Fine but some people target peoples pets

Your Dog Guard or not is a Family member and its security deserves the same attention as any other Family Member

No one has bettered the Stockmans Dog yet imho

If I breed that is what I would try to replicate dogs like his that are good Family Companions to standard
and can do anything while living past 10
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