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Brodi and Chloe pics

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My house has been so hectic I havent had time to grab the cam until a little while ago..So hard to get pics of the two of them cause they move so darn I got a few of Brodi after daddy decided he wanted alone time with Chloe and took her for a walk..he's so paranoid she's gonna get jealous and be mad at him.

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Oh my goodness, isn't he the cutest??? And he looks soo small next to Chloe.....Good move of hubby's taking Chloe for a walk Shari. I did things like that as well when we brought Angel home, so he would know that he is still #1....
Brodi is awsome. He's a reverse right?
Oh my dear lord Shari, that is SUCH a cute baby. I just love him to bits, he's so tiny and adorable!!! Great that hubby took Chloe for a walk to let off some energy, I'm sure she was very excited when you brought him home. How are they getting along, have they stopped playing yet?! Please post lots of pics, you have yourself a full household and two gorgeous babies.
Awww he is just the cutest little guy  :D LOL about your hubby worrying about Chloe being mad, mine is the same - always making sure that he has some "guy time" with Donner.
aww i havnt seen much of little brodie boy :) He is too cute! It looks like Chloe and him get along very nicely.
Holy Cuteness!!  :love:  Brodi is absolutely adorable, and Chloe is looking great also!
Oh My!! i think he got cuter from the last pics you posted!! :) i am still in love with his coloring....especially with those baby blues!!
They look so cute together!!!!!  I bet you have your hands full now :)
awww he is gorgeous i love that deep brindle..i want a reverse sealed brindle oneday...i bet chloe is soooo happy..does she treat him just like a toy?
He is so cute, do you need a baby sitter??????  Bet Chloe was happy to get her alone time with dad.
Brodi is way too cute!!  I love how tiny his paws are.  My favorite picture is the one of Brodi looking at Chloe.  Like he is saying, "big sister why are not paying any attention to me?"
He's beautiful - His white markings on the dark fur are so pretty. Set us all straight, what colour is he? His fluffy bone looks as big as him in picture n
He is gorgeous! Love the coloring!
Brodi is just the cutest! He is just the most beautiful colour!

OMG! I LOVE black boxers!  :lol:  :roll:
just kidding. no yelling.... :)
OMG!! What a FREAKIN' CUTIE!!! I bet you're going nuts right now... CHAOS around every corner!!!? LOL You'll survive!! TOOO ADORABLE!!
Everyone said it...he is darling! It's neet to see them together.
They both look great! :D
How are they getting along?
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