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Broke my heart

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Yesterday I went to petsmart and they had an animal shelter their with pets you can adopt.I always like going and seeing what kind of animals they have.Sitting in a cage was a all white boxer with a brown patch.Maybe 6-8 weeks old.He was adorable.Well I saw that he wasnt moving.I talked to the girl and she said they were trying to raise money for him because his two back legs were paralyzed from birth and if the couldnt get him the wheels he was going to be put to sleep.That really broke my heart.I wish I had enough money to donated to make sure he would get what he needed.
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:cry: oh the poor little thing...i hope and pray that they can raise enough money for must have been heartbreaking for you to have seen...i will send all my positive thoughts to him!!! x x michelle
Do you have any more info on this shelter? I'd like to help him out if I could.
That is so sad. I hope that little one gets his wheels. Was this a rescue group?
See if you can find out more info on this....I too would like to contribute.
Yeah its a rescue group.Here is the link to their website.They dont have any info on their about him.I emailed them but havent got anything back.
thanx for the info on shelter i also would like to contribute to help this poor little chap have a better life . that was such a sad story baby boxer im crying my eyes out poor little soul . :(  :cry:  :  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:
oh bless him...he is soooooo lovely...what a life he has had in his short months!! i really hope the op will work for him..and what a idiot for his first owner!!! anyways good luck to petey...x x x x x x x
Awww, he's beautiful.:goodman:  I hope he finds a good home. I'd like to take his first owner out back and cut his tail too short!   :aua: Idiot  :upset:
OMG!!! This puppy is so ADORABLE!! Reading his story is heart-breaking.  I'm a first timer/owner of my Dolce Bri'Elle [female boxer] and I can't imagine how someone would want to destroy a animals life because of some setback like Petey!  
He's an absoutely PRECIOUS puppy.  
I am rather surprised that the local boxer rescue hasn't stepped in..Usually they are on top of these things....Might be worth some research & a heads up to them...My mission tomorrow....He is absolutely adorable...I'll see what I can find out..... :)
This poor little guy.... but how could they take care of him for serveral months if he so young?  did anyone have any luck helping him out?
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