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We woke up to 7" of snow and about another 4-8" to fall today.  Winds are gusting up to 40mph.  Puppies didn't know what to do.  It is up over their bellies already.  I had to go to work for a little while today but will go home and shovel them a path to the back yard.  After that, it is on them to get to where they need to go.  We haven't had a winter like this in years!
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Oh I hear ya! We are suppose to get 4 to 8 tonight then an addittional 8 to 16 so they are calling for about 2 feet!!!!!!!! It hasnt started yet and to tell ya the truth Im NOT looking forward to it!! Just glad we arent farther up north where hubby's mom lives!!!!!!!!!!!! They got 8 FEET!!!!!!! :cry:
I hear it's real icy and cold up north today.  8O The hubby is in Baltimore this morning and is suppose to be driving to Suffern, NY to a job site there. I'm thinking nobody should've shown up for work there! Stay home by a nice fire!!!  :eek:nfire:  :winkle:
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