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Here is a few of my baby...

that's HIS kitty by the way, she was a b-day gift for him

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OMG is he handsome or what!!!
Love the pics of Brucie and his kitty...they look so cute together...we also have a kitty and she just loves Gaby she likes to rub up against her and meow at her it is so cute you should see them :lol:
Cute Pics, does he like to go to the beach and swim bc my Duke loves the ocean.  My mom lives in Galveston and we go down about 3-4 times during the summer.  They look so cute when the sand sticks all over there face.
You can just see that Bruce is such a character from his pics!
Beautiful BXR  LOve the picture in the truck, my Donner even hears a key jingle and hes waiting at the door waiting
Great Pictures!!! What a beautiful dog! I wish my cat and dog can get along well like that. They fight too much LOL!!
Bruce likes his kitty...she adores him!!!  I'm not sure she knows that she's a cat, she's always following him around, rubbing on him, wrestling with him and whenever possible sleeping on him...they're cute - you should post some pics of Gaby with her kitty

yes Bruce loves the beach, he gets so excited when we get close, and loves jumping the waves and digging in the sand.  I agree they look adorable with the sand all over them

Oh yeah he's quite the character, no lack of personality in that boy :)

He loves to go in the truck...the pathetic look on his face in that pic is because my sister's kids were outside and he was hoping he was going to get to go with them...he loves kids!

I can't get over how beautiful your babies all are....coming here is so amazing, all those gorgeous boxer faces looking back..I think I'm hooked
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i love the pic of Bruce with your daughter (??) that picture is just adorable!
He is too cute!
He's a great looking dog!
Still can't get over him w/kitty! :lol:
Bruce is soooooo gorgeous!!!!! I see such a personality in him!!! Wonderful pictures!!!
What a handsome guy and he definitely loves life....Loved the kitty pics, those are adorable
Bruce is so handsome, love all the pictures.
thanks, that boy does love to have his picture taken, he'll sit and pose all day if you asked him to, I need to dig up some of his puppy pics, he was a cute lil cone head
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