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Bump after a rabies shot

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Good morning everyone!!  I was wondering if anyone has experienced a fatty nodule after the rabies injection?  It did not show up immediately after but took Maggie to the vet this weekend and they said it was from the vaccination.  Is this normal with boxers?
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Yes, Kash had it - it took about 1.5 weeks to appear and I freaked out.   I took him to the vet, they said it was just a reaction from the shot.  It went away in about another 1.5 weeks.  

I think it can be normal with all dogs, as a reaction to the injection.  Just monitor it and if it does not go away in two week, then I would take her in.
Hi - my vet warned me that a bump could appear after the rabies shot.  He recommended massaging the area as well as a warm compress (dish rag soaked in warm water).  My guys didn't get a bump though...
Thanks yes I was really freaked but they seem very lax about it.
My husband was like great  - our dog has a tumor.  I brought him in - we dont take any bump lightly and she said it was just a reaction.  It was like a marble.   I did not get charged for the visit so that was good.
Well kinda sounds like me!!  I was freaking out thinking she was going to have to go through surgery again (spayed) and she is only 5 months old....ugh.
just like humans can get bumps after injections...especially when they are injected under the takes a little while for the fluid to be absorbed because only so much can be absorbed at well if it was into the muscle sometimes the muscle gets "irritated" from the shot and gets inflammed.
As long as its not bothering her than im sure it will go away in no time!
Thanks Smack83, it's all different this time around I swear I was never this worried about my daughter who is 11.  LOL.  I am going to start to massage it today and see if that helps.  I know when my daughter got her shots I was told to put vicks on it to help with the blood circualtion, but something tells me Maggie would not take to kindly to vicks baby rub.......
probably not too much...wouldn't want her trying to lick it off either might not make her feel so great!
Yeap... normal... though Odin never got it. Maybe next month when he's due for another.
I would not do the vicks on it....You can do the warm pressure rags and see if it helps...But, the bottom line is that they will come up anywhere from a few days to a week and a half after the shot and go down in about the same amount of time without doing anything.....They are pretty common....:)
Yup both of mine got the bump as well when they were in a couple weeks ago. I noticed Angel's first, stared to freak, then when I found one on Samson I realized what they probably were, but called the vet anyways..Lumps freak me out..It went away in just about a week...
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