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Bump that has a sore on his throat.

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Please help! We just got a new boxer puppy a few months ago! :D This is our first puppy and I have really been trying to read up on them. Just so I am one step ahead of the game. About a 2 weeks ago I noticed a small bump on his neck (nothing huge). Well now it has grown quite a bit. It's really red and he has lost hair on it now. It did have a scab on it but he keeps scratching it off and it's really red and bleeding a little bit. It started after I bought him a new collar.  I don't use this collar anymore as I am wondering if this is what caused this??  :cry: So I bought a new collar and I only put it on him when I put him outside. I have been looking this up on the internet too see if I could find any info regarding this, and of course I have now just scared myself and am a little confused. It doesn't seem to hurt him,I can touch it and squeeze it and there is no reaction from him when I do this. If I scratch around it... he tries to scratch with his paw!  :( ...Also before this happened he lost some fur from biting at himself on his back just before his hips. But this hair has started to grow back but I have noticed that his skin is really dry. Does anyone have any clue what this could be??
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It sounds like allergy. You should try to get the pupa shaka collar.
I would deffinately take him in asap to get it checked out especially if it's red and bleeding
A friend of mine who has had boxers her whole life, said that her dog is allergic to some plastics and causes red bumps. So I was wondering if it's an allergic reaction to the plastic on the collar. The vets are not open today so I am going to take him tomorrow.
you might try using a harness until it heals up only because the collar, even tho it is different one, might still irritate the area and make him want to scratch more. How big is the bump?
I would say it's probably the size of a dime maybe a little bit bigger, and it's about 5 dimes high. Sorry about the measurement??!!
Really hard to say without seeing it, but any persistant bumps, especially those that bleed should be checked, maybe a mange scraping just to be safe??? Hopefully Sharon will pop in with some ideas. Let us know how it goes :D
I was just reading up on I am wondering if this is what he has. I looked at the skin (where he has the bald spot) and I found a whole bunch of little tiny black things attached to the surrounding fur. Also they can get sores with this as well. Oh boy looks like we are off to the vet tomorrow. Hope it's not too expensive??
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