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So I'm sittin in the living room watchin TV and Ferris is walkin back and forth between the house and the yard. All of a sudden he goes into burnout mode, in and out of the house.  So he charges in the house at mach speed and zooms right past me goin waaaay too fast to stop at the wall.  He tries to jump over the window sill and out the window.....BAM....slams into the window and lands on his back.  He looked at me, plopped down on the floor, let out a big sigh, and took about a 45 minute nap.  I had to share it with you guys cause I was crackin up when it happened.  Anyone else have any funny burnout stories??
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LOL TOO FUNNY!  :rofl: :rofl:

Odin's slammed into the front door (there is now a dent)!! They just go crazy! It's amazing I think!
lol Mia hasn't hit anything yet but man is she a bull in a china shop!!!
ROTFLMAO..Oh yea, I remember one time Buck & Tia were outside playing, I heard them coming around the side of the house, sounded like a herd of buffalos, anyways, they came thru the doggie door into the garage, into the house (which is tile) past me thru the family room(wood) and Buck lost his traction, slide about 10 ft into the table that had the tv sitting on it! Thought the tv was going to fall off, Buck just picked himself up, looked around and decided it was time for a break....I just stood there laughing...

A word of caution, and I don't mean to put a downer on this, but please be careful about that, My Buck went thru a window and almost bled to death, I would hate for that to happen to anyone else..
When Kiah does it in the house she never has run into anything, she is really graceful for an 11.5 month old (60.6 lbs last week when I weighed her at Mounds).  When we are out on the leash she will do it and stop on a dime at the end of the leash it always amazes me.
Fiona has been on a major burn before and tried to clear the back of the couch, she did not jump high enough and slammed into the back cushions and it bounced her back into the floor.  She stood and looked at the couch as if it were the couchs fault she did not make it.
I am definitely going to be more cautious when he runs around like that.  I don't mind him runnin thru the house, but I certainly don't want him to learn his lesson the REALLY hard way.  Thanks for the word of advice though SamsonsMom.
I am LOL sooo hard!  That is too funny!!  Mine have done that across my wood floors, and of course have not been able to stop and so they went sliding right into walls or cabinets!  They have done the burn and tried to airdive onto my bed, but got going waayyy to fast and well, kinda missed the bed completly....went flying well over it!  Anyway, yours is a funny story!
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