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BYB ??????

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Okay first of all what does byb mean? I have just been reading these stories about these poor puppy that people get from puppy mills and byb. I by no means am a breeder howeverI do have two females that go in to heat with in two weeks of each other and I have let one have two liters and the other is on her second. But when they have their puppies I make sure the pups are seen by my vet at least four times before I will sell them and still I have all the new owners numbers and addresses to call and check up on them. I just don't understand how people can sell someone a sick puppy it is sad.
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Backyard breeder
a BYB is a Back Yard Breeder. a person who does not do the neccessary health testing on both male and female, breeds boxers that are not to breed standards (more than 1/3 white ect...) and breeds their females with every heat to produce puppies that they can sale to hopefully make a profit. typically it is someone in it for the money, not for the well being of the animal or the breed
I will add to what southern girls said..
A backyard breeder doesn't necessarily breed every heat cycle.  The average pet owner who breeds their dogs is a backyard breeder.
If their dogs are not health tested (different from just vet check ups) they are backyard breeders. Sometimes they have good intentions, they love their dog and want her to have pups, or they just miss a heat cycle and she gets pregnant. Either way, they are still backyard breeders.
If you have already checked out the sticky topics here please visit these links for more info. ... eder_.html

I hope this answers your question.. and you gain some info on the subject.
Good point on the not breeding every heat...i was thinking about puppymills :)
Well the brindle female I have has been tested and I also have any info I could find on her family history and it goes back to the 1960's now for my white female i really don't have anything on her. Is that bad
You shouldn't be breeding your white female.
A white boxer should NEVER be bred. If she is prego now then whats done is done. SHe should be spayed asap. You need to go to the Breeding Forum here and read over the info that is there.
Technically whites should never be bred and it states such in the guidlines from the AKC & ABC....Below are 2 links to some very good information about whites, which a lot of I used in my topic regarding's an exerpt from Cinema boxers

The AKC will register any puppy, regardless of color, as long as both parents are registered---unless there is a contract signed by the breeder and purchaser of the puppy to the effect that the animal is not to be registered by the AKC. Presently, the breeders have the option of assigning a Limited Registration to any puppy for lack of quality or merit. The AKC will not register any offspring produced by a parent with a Limited Registration. The Limited Registration will permit th e dog to be shown in obedience trials (only) at AKC-licensed events and AKC-sanctioned matches. Considering the unfortunate traits associated with the lack of pigmentation and the ABC's Boxer Standard clearly addressing the white coat coloring as undesirable, this should discourage any breeder from registering a white, a check, or particolored Boxer for breeding purposes." ... boxers.htm
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My white female is already spayed. I let her have two liters and yes I know of the health issues that white boxers have. However I am one of these people who don't think they are bad dogs to have I have always wanted a white boxer and I guess I got lucking cause my baby has no health problems and she is three now.
I don't think there is anyone on this site that think white boxers are bad.....actually they are very loved on this website.  But this website also feels very strongly about responsible breeding.
I agree with Duke01. We all love white boxers, but two boxers (fawn or brindle) no matter what can produce a white puppy. They are in no way bad, just not meant to be bred b/c of all the possible health issues. Also remember that just b/c your girl is healthy, doesnt mean her puppies will be. I am glad that you did get her spayed
That may be, but what about the pups long term health? Sadly, the continuation of breeding whites just keeps the whole vicious cycle going...There are plenty of whites that are produced from health tested parents, so why perpetuate the problem? And no one ever said they are bad dogs, good lord, they are Boxers!!! I love all of em to death, I'm looking more to what is happening to the breed overall...
Unfortunately, you are a backyard breeder.
I agree, it sounds like you are the definition of a BYB
The whole reason I got Ivy ( my white boxer ) fixed was because she had two deaf pups and I didn't want that to happen again. And as far as my brindle one this is going to be her last liter. I will only allow her to have two.
Good lord.  Please, for the sake of the breed, don't breed anymore.
You know, Lisa...just because by definition it fits, that doesn't mean anyone thinks you are bad...I just think that we don't realise BEFORE reading up and studying the breed closely that AKC registration can be given to ANY fact, there are documented cases of the dog down the street getting to the purebred female BEFORE the stud that was scheduled and picked...and those people passed the pups off as purebreds, even though they knew perfectly well they weren't...used the intended studs name on the cert and just went with it...heavy health testing is important to ATTEMPT to weed out problems...It is believed that Whites will produce more whites and the higher the genetic input, teh higher the likely hood of deafness, blindness, etc...and those pups are often thrown out by, people here get passionate about it, cause they have seen those pups pay the price...

ON THE OTHER HAND...we have "good breeders" who get SO wigged out by their dog throwing a white that they will dispose of it like trash rather then let anyone know "THEIR DOG" threw a white pup...I think the case could be made for a SERIOUS CHARACTER FLAW in that "good breeder who did her testing", please don't assume this is a judgement of WHO YOU ARE or YOUR CHARACTER AS A PERSON!
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Why do you breed your boxers?
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