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Bye Bye Tail...

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Patch is at the Vet getting his tail docked... He keeps hitting it on stuff and we are afraid he will hurt it...

I will post pics once he is home later today.
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I hope all goes well with the dock. Let us know how he does after the surgery. Healing and positive vibes being sent for a speedy recovery.
thanks! we appreciate it. I will definitely keep you all updated.
Patch is getting a nub, heal quickly.
Good luck Patch....Sending lots of positive vibes for a good and easy surgery and recovery :)
good luck patch!
Good Luck Patch...  make sure you give him plenty of love....
That will not be a problem, he is pretty much spoiled :)
Good Luck!! Hope all goes great and heals quickly!!

That's what I was told a good while back... that boxers get their tails docked because their rear goes so crazy... they hit it on everything and some times it can cause SERIOUS injury. I know that's not really the true reason for it... but it sure seems to be a good one! LOL
We were going to keep his tail but as much as he hits it on things we decided to dock it.
Good... I know some people think it cruel but I think it's fine. I mean I SWEAR... if Odin had a tail he would have broke it months ago!!! That wiggle butt just goes like 80 mph and just wouldn't be safe! LOL For him or ME... or my home! LMAO
it's definitely rough on the home and people...actually our home is fine, since it's tail's other people's homes that are dangerous, lol
good luck Patch ! im sure it will be fine ! hope he feels great ! :D
whats the oldest a dog can be before it cannot be docked? All mine were done as a baby...
I didn't think there was an age limit... it's just done when they are babies because it's easier and heals faster... less painful... and they can't mess with it. Just like circumcision on baby boys. It can be done as an adult but is EXTREMELY rare along with PAINFUL and is a much bigger ordeal!!! LOL

Though I'm sure you wouldn't want it done when your dog is like 10 yrs old or something. I think once they get to a certain size or age it's considered amputation too. Which is pretty much what it is when little... just a faster process... okay... I'll shut up now. lol
OUCH, sounds like Patch will be much happier with a nub  :D Sending healing vibes and post pics when you can!
Good luck Patch, now you will be a member of the nubbin club.

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UPDATE:: Patch's tail is 'seeping' so the vet is keeping him overnight... he is doing fine, he is out cold :) they just want to make sure everything is cool before he comes home.
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