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Calgon take me away.....

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Caught this pic of Dixie looking really ticked.  The puppies were in "her spot."  Poor baby......Logan and Jinx drive her crazy!
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lol! she does not look happy at all!
lol-- that is a priceless face..  Your puppies are cute!!
That is so funny.  It looks like she isn't giving in either.  :)
Awww, poor Dixie!  She is not happy with those puppies (who are adorable by the way)!  Did she end up just laying on top of them?  That's what Lola would have done....and does to us if we're in her "spot" on the couch!
G mom's dog buster gets that l/ook when bo and jetta are over...he'll also growl real low in his throat...but....when they don't move..he gives us a look like..."crap...that didn't what?" lol
:lol: What a great face!!! They are all so cute!
She does look a bit perturbed but she will have to give in those pups are too cute not to.
haha she really doesn't look impressed...that is quite the glare!
Now that is a look if I ever saw one...That is priceless :)
:roll: " mom stop with the flashy thing and move them out of my spot !! and STOP LAUGHING !! "

hahahaha thats a GREAT pic !!
That is hilarious! =))
Poor Dixie!  Can't an ol' girl just be left alone?  Ha!
hahaha! What a look!  :lol:
that is a GREAT pic..the face says a thousand words.."these darn kids" should enter it into the photo contest!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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