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Camping with Your Dogs- Do you do it?

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We have a cottage out in the muskoka's (about 6 hours from us), and all my dogs LOVE to spend time up there. We are right on the lake, and the two cottages beside us are other family members cottages. The road is actually named after our last name. There are lots of dogs when my whole family is kids and it gets up to about 10 fur babies running around and having a great time!

I was thinking it would also be fun to do some tenting with the dogs. There are a few camp sites around here that I wouldnt mind staying at...

Does anyone else camp with your dogs? What are your experiences??
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Sounds cool, we dont really have the weather for it in UK, but if we did i bet Zulu, Mac and Stumpie would LOVE it!! :roll:  :D
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