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So we have plans to go camping December 26th and 27th and I have no idea what to do about Harriet. We live in South Carolina so it doesn't get too cold (around 35 or 40) but is that too cold for a boxer? I"ve looked dog sleeping bags and I'm sure I"ll get one of those. But also she's a runner so if we let her off the leash I'm afraid she'll be gone. However we're going with friends and they have two boxers who don't run off and I think Harriet will just follow along (we've taken them to the lake and that was the case... until she saw a bird...). Anywho I'm just wondering if it's mean of me to bring her along, but at the same time I can't imagine her missing out!!! Any advice/experience on this crazy contradictory situation? Oh also she'll be about 10 months old when we go.
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No experience with camping but the weather should be fine as long as she has a place to warm up.  Playing with the other two will keep her warm most of the time and I would bring extra food, make sure they have plenty of water.
Hi Harriet! We are a HUGE camping family and had the same concerns. However, Gus does great! We kept a long lead wrapped around a tree stump for when we needed to leash him.  He seemed fine with being tied up as long as he could be near us.  When other dogs walked by our site and he got a bit protective and yappy, but I expected that! He slept in the tent with us through the night.  We brought extra blankets for him and we have a warm coat (Ruff Wear) for him as well.

Have a a great time!! Wish is it was still camping weather here!

Oh yeah, and for some reason Gus LOVES to scare his mama and get dangerously close to the camp fire.... :roll:
Thanks to you both. My mind is easing as I type this. I'm already looking at doggie sweaters (something i always judged others for doing to their dogs until i had my own and realized "duh! It's not dumb on Harriet because she's not a dog she's a people!"  :D ) I really think she'll love it but whether her mom will be able to relax about it we'll just have to wait and see.
We also tie Tucker on a long lead around a tree while we're at a campsite.  I don't have to worry about him running off, but running full speed at everyone who comes by is what he would do and not everyone appreciates that!  Most camping places have trails or open fields to take the dogs to run.  

We last went camping in August and Tucker did get night - especially his ears!  So that night he was invited into bed with me and he did great.
We used to camp all the time with Luke.
HI, I took Abbey (she's only 5 months) camping not too long ago and it worked out well. Granted it wasnt cold but I did have to worry about her wandering too far. There were 2 other dogs with us and they tend to stray but come back, I let Abbey roam with them for a bit but kept a close eye and after a while i put her on a long line and she got caught up on trees etc a bit  but she settled down after a spell. Something I have been working on though is teaching her to long distance return to the sound of a whistle. I let her get a good distance away, then blow the whistle, when she comes she gets a handful of treats. So far so good.....I dont use it all the time so I can save it for emergency situations. Makes me feel a little better about letting her be off leash in safe situations like camping or walking on the beach.
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We have the four boxers and take three of them camping with us all the time. Zora, our fawn does not do well. She needs her space to run so she goes to grandmas. Any who, all the others have givin great advice. One thing I will say is dont get overly concerned if she doesnt eat. Mine dont eat well away from home. Have fun....Let us know how it goes and take pictures!
I took Tango camping for the first time in July and he did amazing.  He was tied up on a leash the whole time (park rules) but with the walks and stuff, he did great!  I'm sure with two other boxers, all will be fine!
Thank you all so much. I will definitely look into getting her a long leash so i can tie her down!! :p I was even asking my boyfriend last night if he thought she might get out in the middle of the night and escape and he laughed and informed me the tent will be sealed and unless she can use a zipper we're good. I think my main concern now is the cold, but we'll load up on blankets and sleepingbags so I think she'll be fine, especially since she's always sleeping between us anyway and that keeps us all warm!

And I will certainly take pictures and share!! I've already looked at the others on here that have up camping pictures and they make me more excited about our own trip!
Yes my concern would be the cold too.  We are fair weather campers.  I think 35 or 40 would be too cold.  Me and my guys dont' handle the cold very well.
It's great that you're considering bringing Harriet along on your camping trip! While 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit might not be too cold for a boxer, it's important to keep in mind that dogs, like humans, can be sensitive to temperature changes. A dog sleeping bag is a good idea, but you should also make sure to bring plenty of blankets and perhaps a heated pad if the temperatures drop lower than expected.
As for Harriet's tendency to run off, it's important to keep her on a leash or in a fenced area to ensure her safety. It's great that you'll be with friends and their well-behaved boxers, but it's always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to a pet's safety.
In any case, bringing Harriet along on your camping trip can be a wonderful experience for both you and her. It's important to plan ahead and take any necessary precautions, but don't let fear hold you back from enjoying the great outdoors with your furry companion. And who knows, perhaps one day you and Harriet will even embark on an adventure like the Everest Base Camp Trek together!
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