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Can I survive the puppy stage???..just need to vent

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I feel like im about to pull out my hair.
the chewing on us is getting a bit out of hand.. we say "NO BITE" but nothing he just barks at us.. if we ignore  him then he lundges at us and bites us. he is constantly barking at us.. hiding under the table and growling. we give him lots of attention and play time.. even outside time off the lesh.

the potty training is coming alone.. we still have accidents in the house  here and there.. mainly my fault .. i feel that if a puppy this age "goes" inside then its my fault for the lack of suppervion but he is starting to go to the back door and paw it to go out. i tried the bell but he chewed it up.. YEah he chewed a metal bell.. he is a chew machine.

ive started doing "TIME OUT" by putting him on lesh in the kitchen.. the time out in crate didnt work even tried time out in crate in an upstairs room and he just dont care to do that.. it got to where id say "harley time out" and he would go to his crate and lay down no problem.

sooooo we are doing time out on lesh where he can see us but cant play with the kids.. HE HHHHHAAAATTTTEEEESSS IT. im gonna post a link for you all to see his "time out" video. its cute .. but loud. lol

mainly i can deal with the chewing but the barking at us, and when he is in his "mood" where he isnt getting what he wants then he backs away from us when we go to pet him or to pick him up...we have never hit harley or smacked him.. but its like he gets a little afraid of us for a few seconds.. it only last no more than a minute.. but it has me concerned...and of course the "talking back" and if it isnt what harley wants then you better have a bottle of asprin close by. .. somtimmes i feel like im going crazy.

anyways soor this is so long.. i just needed to vent about it all.. here is harleys video.. "TIME OUT"

and here is the link to all harley and my video's
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Have you done any formal training with him with a trainer??
How old is he?

Oggie has always done the same thing you describe as the barking and backing away, front half of body down on the floor, like hes scared.  Advancing makes him jump back and continue barking.  I asked on here and most people believed he was simply testing me.   I have stayed firm with the corrections and commands, he tests me less and less.  Although sometimes the barking is just getting me to play with him, but he also has to learn playtime is not all the time.  

Oggie never had a big biting or chewing problem though, he's never lunged or nipped at me.  Sometimes during play he will rub his teeth on my hand and he gets a quick NO BITE and playtime is over.  

I have found when used sparingly, a timeout in the bathroom really sends the point across that they've done something unacceptable.  Timeouts should never be made in the crate.  The crate is supposed to be a safe haven.  He will learn to equate the crate with a bad experience and you will have difficulty getting him to use the crate in the future.

Otherwise, chewing and biting and barking/testing is unfortunately very common puppy behavior.  Stay firm, stay strong, don't yell but be assertive.  If he's pawing at the door to go out, I think that's huge!  Some people have terrible times with potty training.  I don't know, personally I'd take barking at me than finding crap on the floor!   :lol:
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How old his Harley?

There are different things you can do to help with the nipping, but time outs worked for us...on a leash to a door knob in the kitchen and we would leave the room for up to 5mins. Another thing is diverting his attention to chew on a toy instead of you. I would not recommend doing time outs in the crate whatsoever. The crate is meant to be a happy place where they feel safe and comfortable. Most important thing, is that it takes time to get them to stop nipping. It will get better.

I'm glad to hear the potty training is coming along.

As for the barking at you, I have no idea. What Heather mentioned about possibly some formal training or advice would maybe help with this?

I am not a very seasoned dog owner, so I'm sure you'll get some great advice on here form more experienced dog owners. We are still raising our first puppy! It is sometimes stressful, but just remember it takes time and a lot of consistency.

Good luck!  :)
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When you tell him no, etc., do you turn your back to him?  We did this with Sadie's jumping and it's 10 times better now.  We still have issues, but not like we were.  Also, how firm are you when you talk to her.  I can look at Charlie and make a hand gesture and he'll immediately stop and sit.  He he really does something wrong, I guess I've got the look and when he hears me talk, he'll bow his head down and lay there.  Couple minutes later he'll sneak over and give kisses and then I'll play with and cuddle, etc.  Honestly it sounds like he doesn't recognize you as an authority figure.
halrey is now 12 weeks old.. ive been doing the training myself here at home with a friend of mine for advice who trains dogs for a living. its going okay..

harley just wants it all HIS WAY. but he did wonderful today with time out in the kitchen on im going to continue that as well.
and as far as time out in crate i have 2 seperate crates for him... an open crate for his safe place.. and a travel crate used for time out.

but yeah he has began to paw the door and if i dont let him out right then he will actually jump at the door and body slam it.. its soooo cute.. ill catch a video of that as soon as i can. but when he is in trouble he will pee by the back door then come and get me to show me.

harley is by far the easiest potty trained dog ive ever had. and we havent really used the crate that much..  just when we are away from home or sleeping.
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im very stern with harley when i say no.. and yes ive turned my back on him.. he is just a big kid.. reminds me of my daughters terrible 2's
Usually when you have a behavior that you don't want, you try to teach them to do something else.
I wish you the best of luck. haven is still a puppy herself so i am training her i would start some sort of class if i were you.
Have you tried carrying a tiny bottle of bitter apple/orange with you while playing and spraying it on his gums when he bites?  
It also sounds like he needs some chew toys and when you catch him chewing on something he shouldn't, replace it and praise him for chewing on the appropriate toy.
everyone else has pretty much said anyhthing i was going to :) . you just have to find the right trainning method that works for both of you. paitence really is  the key to sucessful training (imo) good luck! :D
Venting on here is always good.  I've done it a bunch myself.  It's good to know others have gone through the same stuff.  It gets better.
well just when i think things are bad.. they turn sooo much better.. harley finally did what i wanted him to do.. he was playing with me and went to bite me.. he actually bit to hard and it hurt 8O so i let out a VERY loud YELP. like a hurt puppy.. then went and sit on the couch.. he came over to me and laid his head on my leg and licked me after a few moments of sitting very still..he looked like he didnt know what to do.. but has NOT done it since.. and has actually followed me around for 2 hours now... went to the back door and pawed it...went out to potty without a lesh and straight back indoors... and is laying at me feet sleeping now. while in on here

so maybe i FINALLY found somthing that will work

here is a pic of him at my feet on the computer shelf.. (he is almost to  big to lay


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Sounds like things are coming together for you now then!
All your hard work will pay off and Harley will grow up to be a wonderful boxer! Try and think of that when times get hard! I know the puppy stage can be frustrating but it will soon fly by and you'll want your little pup back! LOL!

That's great news! Good boy Tyson. Yeah the puppy yelp will startle them, what we used to do was let out a huge "YIP" and that worked wonders too.

Seriously for him to be pawing at the door at 12 weeks is awesome!! Good work  :) Keep it up!!
yeah the pawing at the door started about a week ago i had all the doors open and screen's locked and kept hearing something when i turned to look he was pawing and jumping at the door..

i opened it and he went out .. did his business and then came back inside. and since then i just kinda stuck.. but i do have problems if we are not in the same room as the back door and we are not paying attention then he will potty inside.. but 90%..of the time he goes to the door to potty.. or simply holds it.. and sometimes will bark at us and just stare..

its really amazing at this age. we are soooo proud of him

the worst is of a night.. he seems to be scared of the dark.. or the rain or cold.
At 12 weeks he sounds advanced!  When did you get him?  If they are separated from the mother early, there can be some separation anxiety which can surface in several different behaviors.
he was 9 weeks when i got him.. he was born on sept 1st so that makes him approx 12 weeks

now dont get me wrong he is by far a housebroken puppy.. when we brought him home he pee'd/pooped everywhere..
its just been in the last week that he started wanting to go outdoors.

i also have hard floors throughout my home.. and i mix that liquid thats suposed to stop your dog from going in a certin place.. in with my mop water. so that could be the thing with harley.. not sure
Haven does the same thing lol.Well she is under the desk lol
the yelped worked w/ dungy too... he is sooo much better lol

Where in KY are u from... I go to UK
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