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How old is he?

Oggie has always done the same thing you describe as the barking and backing away, front half of body down on the floor, like hes scared.  Advancing makes him jump back and continue barking.  I asked on here and most people believed he was simply testing me.   I have stayed firm with the corrections and commands, he tests me less and less.  Although sometimes the barking is just getting me to play with him, but he also has to learn playtime is not all the time.  

Oggie never had a big biting or chewing problem though, he's never lunged or nipped at me.  Sometimes during play he will rub his teeth on my hand and he gets a quick NO BITE and playtime is over.  

I have found when used sparingly, a timeout in the bathroom really sends the point across that they've done something unacceptable.  Timeouts should never be made in the crate.  The crate is supposed to be a safe haven.  He will learn to equate the crate with a bad experience and you will have difficulty getting him to use the crate in the future.

Otherwise, chewing and biting and barking/testing is unfortunately very common puppy behavior.  Stay firm, stay strong, don't yell but be assertive.  If he's pawing at the door to go out, I think that's huge!  Some people have terrible times with potty training.  I don't know, personally I'd take barking at me than finding crap on the floor!   :lol:
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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