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Can I survive the puppy stage???..just need to vent

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I feel like im about to pull out my hair.
the chewing on us is getting a bit out of hand.. we say "NO BITE" but nothing he just barks at us.. if we ignore  him then he lundges at us and bites us. he is constantly barking at us.. hiding under the table and growling. we give him lots of attention and play time.. even outside time off the lesh.

the potty training is coming alone.. we still have accidents in the house  here and there.. mainly my fault .. i feel that if a puppy this age "goes" inside then its my fault for the lack of suppervion but he is starting to go to the back door and paw it to go out. i tried the bell but he chewed it up.. YEah he chewed a metal bell.. he is a chew machine.

ive started doing "TIME OUT" by putting him on lesh in the kitchen.. the time out in crate didnt work even tried time out in crate in an upstairs room and he just dont care to do that.. it got to where id say "harley time out" and he would go to his crate and lay down no problem.

sooooo we are doing time out on lesh where he can see us but cant play with the kids.. HE HHHHHAAAATTTTEEEESSS IT. im gonna post a link for you all to see his "time out" video. its cute .. but loud. lol

mainly i can deal with the chewing but the barking at us, and when he is in his "mood" where he isnt getting what he wants then he backs away from us when we go to pet him or to pick him up...we have never hit harley or smacked him.. but its like he gets a little afraid of us for a few seconds.. it only last no more than a minute.. but it has me concerned...and of course the "talking back" and if it isnt what harley wants then you better have a bottle of asprin close by. .. somtimmes i feel like im going crazy.

anyways soor this is so long.. i just needed to vent about it all.. here is harleys video.. "TIME OUT"

and here is the link to all harley and my video's
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im in corbin ky... sorry ive not been on here much.. my daughter was sick with pnewmonia and then i had to have surgery

harley is doing better although i feel awful when i had surgery monday .. i had no one to sit with him and he was in crate all day long.. he was such a good boy though... and sooooooo happy to get to run around.. i took him for a walk dispite my pain... *blush*
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