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Hello, fellow boxer lovers!

I am currently searching for a Canadian breeder that will have a litter ready to go in November, or later if I must wait. (We have October travel plans and want to wait until we are back home to get our pup.)

Is there a breeder you highly recommend?
Is there a breeder you’d advise me to stay away from?
Any opinions, experiences, or feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

What I’m looking for in a breeder:
  • all dogs they own are properly cared for
  • hip, heart, and thyroid testing on parents
  • will share lineage (to prove no inbreeding)
  • puppies are vet checked and up to date on vaccines
  • breeder offers lifetime support (because I feel this shows they care about their dogs)
  • preference for Ontario or east of Ontario location
  • open to working with me long-distance (sending photos/videos of growing puppies, selecting puppy without meeting, etc.)

Other notes about me:
  • live in Newfoundland
  • can fly or drive to pick up the puppy if breeder does not ship
  • may fly to meet breeder and litter if deemed necessary
  • no preference between American and European boxers
  • will not be breeding or showing this dog
  • familiar with the breed (lost my 10 year old boxer last year and have missed him every day since)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts